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Girl Crush!

29 Nov

There are few people in the limelight who always get it right (check out E!’s Fashion Police for weekly proof!), but Kate Bosworth does and I just love her!

Her latest gorgeous moment is in this stunning Erdem Dress and Louboutin heels, check her out:

Kate Bosworth in Erdem November 2010

For me, Kate wearing a designer is the stamp of approval. The first time I noticed Rodarte was when I saw Kate in the below dress at their Harvey Nichols reception in London:

Kate Bosworth in Rodarte

If you too love Kate and you want to keep up to date on who she’s wearing and how, a great blog is KateBosworthStyle.

K x


Celapui Designer Knits – So cool!

28 Nov

Celapui's Foks Scarf

Whilst trawling the net for great fashion blogs to share with you, I came across Kingdom of Style ( This blog is great for finding unique, creative pieces, such as above – this designer has totally caught my eye.

Braided Shrug

Shame about the choice of model in the above image though…

Celapui Woven Cowl

For more of Celapui’s fantastic designs, visit them on Etsy.

K x

New Shoes!

27 Nov

If you are very observant, you will have noticed that I am one item short of a full capsule wardrobe. Yep, I’m on the market for a new pair of shoes! I live in a country that doesn’t know cold weather, so no need for boots (although I love boots so much!). What I have in mind is a pair of brown chunky leather sandles – either a wedge or a platform with chunky heel. This is classic enough to outlast the trend, but on trend enough to update plainer items in my wardrobe.

I am totally in love with the YSL Tribute Platforms:

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Sandals


As seen on one of the Olsen twins:

YSL Tributes on Olsen


Although I think I am even more in love with YSL’s Cognac Suede Tribute Peep Toe Mary Janes, so cute!:

Yves Saint Laurent Cognac Peep Toe Mary Jane


But neither of them have the chunky heel I’m looking for.

Whereas these Stuart Weitzman chunkies (as seen on Leighton Meester) fit the bill heel-wise…I just don’t find them terribly feminine.

Stuart Weitzman "Apron" Platform Sandals

Leighton Meester wearing Stuart Weitzman "Apron" sandals

On the wedge front, these Prada brown leather cork wedges are perfect:

Prada Cork Wedge - Medium Brown Leather

These Diane von Furstenberg “Opal” wedges are very design cool:

Diane Von Furstenberg "Opal" Wedge

Wow, this is getting hard, so many lovely pairs of shoes!

These Mui Mui “Knot” wedges are gorgeous also:

Mui Mui Knot Wedges


Mmmm, what to do. I think it’s time to hit Dubai Mall to see what’s actually on the shelves and available. I’ll let you know when I’ve found the perfect pair!

K x

The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge!

22 Nov

Do you ever feel like you have a wardrobe packed with clothes but never anything to wear? I certainly do.

Over the years I would buy items, cheap or expensive, because I liked them. Not because they looked good on me or would complement other items in my wardrobe. So it’s no real surprise that I ended up with piles of mismatched items and worse, sending thousands of pounds worth of clothes off to the charity shop at regular intervals (once a pair of lovely Pucci sunglasses by mistake…still gutted about that!).

But as I get older, I think I get a bit wiser and I try to learn from those around me – you know the ones, they always look put together even if they don’t spend lots of money on new outfits. I believe I am finally seeing there is a truth to the “capsule wardrobe” concept.

With a capsule wardrobe you invest in 24 good quality, timeless, simple pieces in neutral colours (black, white, brown, navy, cream) that you can mix and match to build outfits for all (or most all) occasions that arise in your daily life. These items are the foundation of your wardrobe and they must suit your body type, personality and lifestyle.

All very well in theory, but where to start? So, I set myself The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge! Below is my wardrobe, full of stuff. I wear about 10% of it and I wear a lot of black!

My Wardrobe full of stuff!

The foundation items for the capsule wardrobe are: 1 pair of dark blue jeans, 1 pair of dark coloured trousers, 1 dark coloured skirt, 2 dresses, 2 jackets, 6 tops, 1 coat, 2 scarves, 2 belts, 2 bags, 4 pairs of shoes. With these 24 items you can make any number of outfits, using accessories to dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

As I left my job a year ago and am pretty much skint, I decided heading out to the shops for these 24 items was a no, no. Besides, wouldn’t that be repeating my errors of the past – not making best use of what I have?! Instead, I went through my wardrobe and pulled out various items within each of the above categories – things I like, things I wear a lot and some things I’d forgotten I had. I photographed them all (below) and tried them all on to decide which ones made it into my capsule wardrobe.

And here it is, my capsule wardrobe!!

My Capsule Wardrobe

Now the challenge is to dress myself each day from only these items and to experiment with combinations I’ve not tried before. Below are the outfits I have worn each day so far. Let me know what you think!

And hey, why not give this a go yourself?! It’s fun and it’s enlightening – amazing what you can create when you set yourself limitations!