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Goodbye 2010

29 Dec

As the start of a new year approaches, it’s time to take stock of 2010 style. What did we love? What did we hate? And what will we be taking with us into a new year?

I turned to for the below 2010 trends:

Double Denim – I hated the double denim trend, hated it!

Double Denim by Chloe

See, it even looks bad on the catwalk, not a good sign! I avoided this trend and always will….

Summer Leather…I loved! I just think leather is great, be it summer, spring, autumn or winter. So long as it’s real, good quality leather, worn in the right way, of the right shade and weight for the season – then it’s always classy. Don’t do it 80’s style – leather mini skirts and fish nets are never going to look good!

Summer Leather by Celine

The Maxi Dress. Was this really a 2010 trend? It seems to me to have been popular every summer for the last 10 years. And rightly so, I think there is always room in the wardrobe for the maxi dress. However: 

I would say instead that 2010 saw the come back of the maxi skirt, which hasn’t been too popular of late (ignoring the early noughties boho gypsie skirt obsession). Not yet adopted by the masses, I see the maxi skirt getting much more popular over 2011 and 2012. But don’t expect the cool kids to be channelling 70s chic (which I fear is going to be all over the high street), nope, those with class and style are probably going to opt for more unusual sillouettes, such as below.

Zara, May 2010 Lookbook

Shearling Coats. When Drapers started harking on about shearling last year I knew it would be an unavoidable trend of 2010 – such is the industry. Not that I’m complaining too much – I have just survived a very harsh Christmas in the UK thanks to a pair of shearling-lined leather boots. It was just one of those obviously pushed industry trends – got my goat a little…

Anyway, it’s warm, classy and cosy. So this is a trend I support.

Burberry Shearling

Manish Shoes…..I HATE! REALLY REALLY HATE!! The only people who can look anywhere near ok in them are stick thin bean pole model types…and Alexa Chung, but not the rest of us, not the normal, people, with curves – no, I really hate this trend.

Manish Shoes - YUK!


Those are just a few of what 2010 had to offer us….I’m being nagged to go ice skating so I have to bid you, and 2010 a fond farewell!

K x


Village Glam

22 Dec

Growing up in the English country-side means I’m no stranger to the Wellington Boot…wellies…ah, fond memories. But I have to admit, I haven’t worn a pair in years, favouring leather boots for a more glam feeling.

That was until my aunt alerted me to the Wedge Welly! Oh yeah baby, the creativity of we brits is endless! Now one can plough across fields, fearing not for cow pats and sheep plops. Stiles and kissing gates will not longer stand in our way, as we march through, glamorous and practical, ha!

Check them out:

Wedge Welly

K x

A mixt bag

15 Dec

My lovely Aunt checked out my blog and found it lacking in male totty, so Debbie, these are for you!

Debbie, if you want more, you know google images is your friend!! 😉

Other thoughts on my mind today are 1, how did we watch Emma Watson grow up without seeing a spot? and 2, Why do I feel like Kelly Osbourne is my friend?

Yes, sad as it is, I have been trawling the internet looking for photos of Emma Watson with acne…none to be found, well, this is the best I could do:

I know, rubbish hey?! How did she get away with it?! Not fair! 🙂

The other thought, the is Kelly O my friend thought, is because I found myself passionately defending her from my husband who dared to say Kelly had no place on Fashion Police (my favourite show). My husband wondered why I was so defensive and it just popped out, “Because she’s my friend!” – er, then I realised that she doesn’t know I exist… ha ha!

But let’s for a moment suppose Kelly O was my friend – I like her honesty, she has a good sense of humour, she’s a cool kid and doesn’t seem to be too much caught up in la la land, despite having one crazy set of parents! I think she makes a lot of good calls on the Fashion Police show, she hosted UK’s Project Catwalk, yep, I like Kelly! And I think she looks great in her current blonde pin up style.

Kelly O

If I took her home to Long Buckby it would be almost as crazy as the time Dean Gaffney was there, standing outside Mandy Hughes’ house shouting that he loved her! And he was in East Enders at the time, but turns out, just a teen boy like all the rest! Now he did have some bad acne!

Dean Gaffney


I said it was a mixed bag!

K x


13 Dec

According to the Guardian’s Fashion Editor, Jess Cartner-Morley, ruffles are the trend this winter… what, do you mean like Austin Powers Jess?!

Sexy baby! Yeah!

Or maybe like our favourite mean Queen hey Jess?

Anyone whose head is mounted on a ruffle can do my wrong in my book!

Well, perhaps not quite what Jess Cartner-Morley had in mind. Nope, Jess assures us that even a Guardian reader can wear the ruffle, yes, even a Guardian reader…so long as they know the difference between a ruffle and a frill. Do you know the difference reader?! If not, I should imagine you are not university educated… only joking!

So how does one wear the ruffle this season in a way that is cool enough for even Guardian readers to consider?

I won’t spoil it for you, see for yourself, under Jess’s expert tuition.

You’re welcome.

K 🙂 x

Byzantine Beauty

12 Dec

When Karl Lagerfeld reportedly said to Valentino, “compared to us, they’re all making rags”, he was, in my opinion, completely right!

I don’t find him the most likeable man, but great designer, studious historian, absolutely! Each collection for Chanel brings a new inspiration to life, and at the same time remains very “Chanel”, how does he do it? And, as always, his creations are utter works of art, simply majestic.

This year’s pre-Fall collection falls nothing short of my expectations. Inspired by Byzantian society, the collection is somewhere between ancient Greek draping and golden Egyptian decadence. Check out the collection on Vogue online.

Girl Crush Part Deux

11 Dec
I think I have more girl crushes than I do boy crushes…is that bad?!

In my top 5, consistently, is Miss Natalie Portman. In the words of Joan Rivers on Fashion Police, she is “perfect, perfect, perfect”!

Natalie Portman

Despite being naturally beautiful since childhood, at the ripe age of 29, Natalie Portman is only just taking on her first cosmetics/fragrance campaign. And as it’s for Dior, I think she scores top trumps!

Natalie will front the campaign for Dior Cherie, being shot by photographer Tim Walker for the print campaigns and ueber cool director Sophia Coppola for the mini film adverts….jealous? Much!

Let’s check out some of Natalie’s red carpet looks:

Natalie Portman in Givenchy Haute Couture

Natalie Portman in Rodarte

Natalie Portaman in Proenza Schouler

Natalie Portman in Dior

Seriously, I could fill up a good meter length of blog of pictures of Natalie looking fab, you would not get bored!

But there is much more to Miss Portman than posing. She has a degree from Harvard don’t you know?! Yep, a Bachelors degree in Psychology from one of the best universities in the world. And she did it whilst filming Star Wars. To think we got our degrees at the same time (and we’re the same age) and I was out partying and working in a bar…she was filming Star Wars…worlds apart! ha ha

On the subject of Star Wars, it was the outfits worn by Natalie as Queen Amidala that got me really excited about fashion all those years ago. Here are a few of my favourites:

I’m looking forward to seeing Natalie in her new film, Black Swan, watch the trailer.

K x

The Fashion Democracy

9 Dec

I was very excited to learn about the newly launched Asos Marketplace in Grazia a few weeks back. 

ASOS Marketplace

As a designer-in-training, it can be overwhelming to think about how to actually sell your designs (trust me, there is so much to the process, selling tends to be an after-thought!). Besides, most young designers don’t have the cash or the connections to get their designs into the market place anyhow.

Not now! With Asos Marketplace, designers can sell their clothes direct to millions of customers the world over. There are two options: sign up as an individual, which is open to all, or apply for a boutique. Boutiques are heavily vetted, with asos looking for high standards and emerging talent, so only a few have thus far made it through – such as:

Alice Lee


Maria Moderna

The thing that sets Asos apart from other market places, such as ebay and amazon, is a: the customer-base – it’s purely there for fashion! And b: the clothes have to be displayed in “street style” format – i.e. no empty clothes on hangers.

Here are a few pictures from the marketplace:

Never Fully Dressed

Amy Hall

Christopher Waller

Asos Marketplace is indeed a fashion revolution – power to the people!

K x

There is a god!

8 Dec

I am ueber happy to report today that Phoebe Philo got Designer of the Year at last night’s BFAs, hurrah! Don’t worry Christopher Kane and Erdem, your time will come.

Phoebe Philo - Designer of the Year 2010

Feeling smug that my prediction here was correct, how did I do on the rest?

Yesterday I put (virtual) money on Nicholas Kirkwood winnning Accessories Designer of the Year, no surprises that he won really – the amount of editorial lavished on him the past month made it obvious who was in favour.

Nicholas Kirkwood - Accessories Designer of 2010

I had hoped that Mary Katrantzou would beat the boys in the Emerging Talent category, mais non, Meadham Kirchoff walked away with the prize. The fashion world can’t help but be drawn to the pained, ruffed creative can it?!

Meadham Kirchoff - Emerging Talent 2010

Lara Stone beat Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley for Model of the Year. My money was on Rosie, she is impossibly beautiful, but not terribly “British” I suppose. Lara is much more unusual, and we do favour the quirk don’t we? Still, I know who’d I’d rather wake up as…. especially as Lara wakes up next to David Walliams…ew… I cannot be alone in finding this gross?!?

Lara Stone - Model 2010

I really should have paid a visit to William Hill, I’d be in the money, as predicted VB was kept on ice for a while longer (good), Mulberry “bagged” (ta da!) the prize, and I think they deserve it.

Mulberry - Designer Brand 2010 (here 2008 S/S collection)

A special recognition award went to Naomi Campbell for….I don’t know….throwing mobile phones and generally being a big diva?! Or maybe it was for her role in the blood diamond situation…mmm….probably should have been up for an Oscar…people got confused!

Naomi Campbell - Special Recognition

Alexa Chung won the British Style award – grannie cardies and brogues people, that’s all it takes…oh and knowing how to pose with your legs crossed leaning slightly to one side (not as easy as it looks)…she’s cute, and I think she takes the east end look to America with dignity so hats off Alexa!

Alexa Chung's famed pose...

So what’s next? I wonder who was on the short lists we never got to see? Hannah Marshall? (I like her)

K x

Tonight’s the Night

7 Dec

Yep, it’s the British Fashion Awards tonight, at the newly refurbished Savoy Theatre on London’s Strand. The fash pack will be turning out to partake in mutual adoration, oh how I wish I could go! Instead, I’m bathed in the warmth and sunlight of a gulf winter…jealous much?! 😉

The nominees for this years’ awards were published way back in early September, and we already know that McQueen will be receiving a posthumous honour for Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design.

So, whilst there’s still a chance, let’s place some bets on the outcome of tonight’s event:


The leading British designer of shoes, jewellery, millinery or accessories within the past year.

Nominees are: Camilla Skovgaard, Emma Hill for Mulberry, and Nicholas Kirkwood (see below).

Camilla Skovgaard

Camilla Skovgaard


Before becomming an award-winning shoe designer, Camilla spent 7 years as a clothing designer for Dubai’s high society. However, the local customers in the UAE meant that none of her designs ever saw the light of day (well, not in public anyway, maybe at women-only sections of local weddings etc…) – frustrating for someone so aesthically passionate.

Thus she left the UAE and headed to London’s Cordwainer College to study shoe design/construction in 2000. Before she even graduated she started winning awards, but didn’t let that put her off her studies, continuing with a further 3 years at the Royal College of Art to perfect her skills.

In 2006, she launched her first collection with Saks Fifth Avenue snapping it up from the outset and Matthew Williamson asking her to design shoes for his label.

According to the Times, Skovgaard’s shoes are for the intelligent fashionista (yes, that’s you and me, darling!). She’s a firm favourite among celebrities, such as Halle Berry, and at the age of 37, has over 110 points of sale worldwide. Not bad eh?!

Camilla Skovgaard Designs


Emma Hill for Mulberry

Emma Hill - Mulberry's Creative Director

Born in London, she spent the last 13 years in New York designing accessories for Calvin Klein, Gap and Marc Jacobs. Now Creative Director at Mulberry.

Down-to-earth 39-year-old mother of a two-year-old boy, not too caught up in the fancies and fantasies of the fashion world. Knows style, knows how to make it accessible and exclusive (clever).

Responsible for Mulberry’s cult “Bayswater” bag:

Mulberry's Bayswater bag

Nicholas Kirkwood

See my below post on him for more details of his rise to shoe fame.

Who’s your money on?


An innovative and directional designer who is emerging as an influential force in British fashion in the Ready-to-Wear category.

Nominees are: Mary Katrantzou, Meadham Kirchoff, and Michael van der Ham.

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou - recieving Swiss Textile Award

A native of Athens, Mary came to London to take her BA and MA at Centra St Martins before freelancing in the London fashion world.

Known for her rich, graphic prints, and having wowed the crowd with her first show in New Gen S/S09, Mary seems set to impress.

Mary Katrantzou Spring 11 Collection

Meadham Kirchoff

A British/French design duo (Edward Meadham, British. Benjamin Kirchoff, French). Both studied at Central St Martins.

Creative, painful, political, anti-social, gothic…

Meaham Kirchoff Spring 2011

Michael van der Ham

Might he hail from The Netherlands?! 

Now where do you think Michael studied…? No, really? But how did you guess? Yes, sure, Central St Martins (let’s face it, their grad show gets the most attention, makes sense).

Worked at Alexander McQueen before launching his own line, which is widely acknowledged to be influenced by Rodarte:

Michael van der Ham Spring 11

Who do you feel the love for tonight?


Of course, there are many other categories, not least Designer of the Year, but haven’t got all day….!

So here’s a summary:

Model of the year: David Gandy, Lara Stone, Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley:

My money is on


Designer Brand: Mulberry, Pringle, Victoria Beckham (argh!!)

I don’t think VB will get it, I think they will make her sweat at least another year before giving her this recognition…well, I hope they do! I’m so mean!

So, I am going to bet Mulberry.

And for the biggy!


Nominees are: Erdem, Christopher Kane and Phoebe Philo for Celine.

After seeing Kate Bosworth in Erdem last week, I am got a growing thing for him. Christopher Kane just doesn’t do it for me. Phoebe Philo, so cool, if there is a god, she will win!

I am betting Nicholas Kirkwood gets accessories designer of the year, he’s got a lot of editorial lately…

And I would like to see Mary K beat the boys in the emerging talent category.

I’ll report back tomorrow!

K x

I can’t believe I’m jealous of Russel Brand…

6 Dec

But I am, and why I hear you ask?! Because Katy Perry is just so god-damned ace, that’s why people, and you know it!

I love her Firework song, seriously, I must have racked up some speeding fines singing (aka screaming) along to that brilliant tune! She hit top marks on my ueber cool gongalator (made up word, get over it) and thus earned herself a post on a day when I have already posted with her performance at the Victoria’s Secret show recently. Singing live, of course, she rocked it – how did the audience stay in their seats? Disgraceful! The models were pumping it backstage though, love ’em!

KP peforming Firework at Victoria's Secret

Check it out here on You Tube

The only thing that could have topped it was if Kitty Purry came out and joined her on the… cat walk! I know, dad joke, just had to get it in! 🙂

K x