Wax Jacket Hell

5 Dec

Am I the only one who hasn’t gone insane?!

Olivia Palermo in Barbour Jacket

When I saw the above picture of Olivia Palermo wearing a Barbour jacket a few months back, I chose to ignore it – consign it to the mental file “do not touch” – it was too hideous… But now my beloved magazine, Grazia Middle East, has just made it the 4th hottest story of the week and I must protest!

She does not look good. And nor will you. If OP, queen of looking gorgeous in a bin bag, can’t work the Barbour, what hope does the rest of humanity have?! Ew, I can just smell the wax… Don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of the wax jacket…back in the 1980s wax jackets played a huge role in my childhood endeavours. Protecting me from scrapes, bumps, rain, wind, dog poo….making friends…, but no people, this is not the time or place to be making them a fashion statement. Even if you do stick a silly belt around the waist, still not sexy!

I still want to wake up and find I have her legs though….dreams, dreams, dreams…

Adios waxy ones!

K x


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