I can’t believe I’m jealous of Russel Brand…

6 Dec

But I am, and why I hear you ask?! Because Katy Perry is just so god-damned ace, that’s why people, and you know it!

I love her Firework song, seriously, I must have racked up some speeding fines singing (aka screaming) along to that brilliant tune! She hit top marks on my ueber cool gongalator (made up word, get over it) and thus earned herself a post on a day when I have already posted with her performance at the Victoria’s Secret show recently. Singing live, of course, she rocked it – how did the audience stay in their seats? Disgraceful! The models were pumping it backstage though, love ’em!

KP peforming Firework at Victoria's Secret

Check it out here on You Tube

The only thing that could have topped it was if Kitty Purry came out and joined her on the… cat walk! I know, dad joke, just had to get it in! 🙂

K x


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