There is a god!

8 Dec

I am ueber happy to report today that Phoebe Philo got Designer of the Year at last night’s BFAs, hurrah! Don’t worry Christopher Kane and Erdem, your time will come.

Phoebe Philo - Designer of the Year 2010

Feeling smug that my prediction here was correct, how did I do on the rest?

Yesterday I put (virtual) money on Nicholas Kirkwood winnning Accessories Designer of the Year, no surprises that he won really – the amount of editorial lavished on him the past month made it obvious who was in favour.

Nicholas Kirkwood - Accessories Designer of 2010

I had hoped that Mary Katrantzou would beat the boys in the Emerging Talent category, mais non, Meadham Kirchoff walked away with the prize. The fashion world can’t help but be drawn to the pained, ruffed creative can it?!

Meadham Kirchoff - Emerging Talent 2010

Lara Stone beat Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley for Model of the Year. My money was on Rosie, she is impossibly beautiful, but not terribly “British” I suppose. Lara is much more unusual, and we do favour the quirk don’t we? Still, I know who’d I’d rather wake up as…. especially as Lara wakes up next to David Walliams…ew… I cannot be alone in finding this gross?!?

Lara Stone - Model 2010

I really should have paid a visit to William Hill, I’d be in the money, as predicted VB was kept on ice for a while longer (good), Mulberry “bagged” (ta da!) the prize, and I think they deserve it.

Mulberry - Designer Brand 2010 (here 2008 S/S collection)

A special recognition award went to Naomi Campbell for….I don’t know….throwing mobile phones and generally being a big diva?! Or maybe it was for her role in the blood diamond situation…mmm….probably should have been up for an Oscar…people got confused!

Naomi Campbell - Special Recognition

Alexa Chung won the British Style award – grannie cardies and brogues people, that’s all it takes…oh and knowing how to pose with your legs crossed leaning slightly to one side (not as easy as it looks)…she’s cute, and I think she takes the east end look to America with dignity so hats off Alexa!

Alexa Chung's famed pose...

So what’s next? I wonder who was on the short lists we never got to see? Hannah Marshall? (I like her)

K x


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