A mixt bag

15 Dec

My lovely Aunt checked out my blog and found it lacking in male totty, so Debbie, these are for you!

Debbie, if you want more, you know google images is your friend!! 😉

Other thoughts on my mind today are 1, how did we watch Emma Watson grow up without seeing a spot? and 2, Why do I feel like Kelly Osbourne is my friend?

Yes, sad as it is, I have been trawling the internet looking for photos of Emma Watson with acne…none to be found, well, this is the best I could do:

I know, rubbish hey?! How did she get away with it?! Not fair! 🙂

The other thought, the is Kelly O my friend thought, is because I found myself passionately defending her from my husband who dared to say Kelly had no place on Fashion Police (my favourite show). My husband wondered why I was so defensive and it just popped out, “Because she’s my friend!” – er, then I realised that she doesn’t know I exist… ha ha!

But let’s for a moment suppose Kelly O was my friend – I like her honesty, she has a good sense of humour, she’s a cool kid and doesn’t seem to be too much caught up in la la land, despite having one crazy set of parents! I think she makes a lot of good calls on the Fashion Police show, she hosted UK’s Project Catwalk, yep, I like Kelly! And I think she looks great in her current blonde pin up style.

Kelly O

If I took her home to Long Buckby it would be almost as crazy as the time Dean Gaffney was there, standing outside Mandy Hughes’ house shouting that he loved her! And he was in East Enders at the time, but turns out, just a teen boy like all the rest! Now he did have some bad acne!

Dean Gaffney


I said it was a mixed bag!

K x


3 Responses to “A mixt bag”

  1. lea November 10, 2012 at 01:33 #

    Hey there! I am searching for the name of the first guy you posted (the one ahead the window) do you know how you found him on google? or maybe you know his name?
    thanks for all!!
    great blog by the way 😉

    • kaybruceonstyle November 10, 2012 at 02:09 #

      Hi, really sorry, can’t remember how I found him, I guess I just googled something like ‘male models’ but i just tried this and could not find him… It was too long ago, sorry, hope you find your man!

      • lea November 10, 2012 at 02:13 #

        no problem its absolutely understandable! anyway thanks for trying! I’ll do my best 🙂

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