Goodbye 2010

29 Dec

As the start of a new year approaches, it’s time to take stock of 2010 style. What did we love? What did we hate? And what will we be taking with us into a new year?

I turned to for the below 2010 trends:

Double Denim – I hated the double denim trend, hated it!

Double Denim by Chloe

See, it even looks bad on the catwalk, not a good sign! I avoided this trend and always will….

Summer Leather…I loved! I just think leather is great, be it summer, spring, autumn or winter. So long as it’s real, good quality leather, worn in the right way, of the right shade and weight for the season – then it’s always classy. Don’t do it 80’s style – leather mini skirts and fish nets are never going to look good!

Summer Leather by Celine

The Maxi Dress. Was this really a 2010 trend? It seems to me to have been popular every summer for the last 10 years. And rightly so, I think there is always room in the wardrobe for the maxi dress. However: 

I would say instead that 2010 saw the come back of the maxi skirt, which hasn’t been too popular of late (ignoring the early noughties boho gypsie skirt obsession). Not yet adopted by the masses, I see the maxi skirt getting much more popular over 2011 and 2012. But don’t expect the cool kids to be channelling 70s chic (which I fear is going to be all over the high street), nope, those with class and style are probably going to opt for more unusual sillouettes, such as below.

Zara, May 2010 Lookbook

Shearling Coats. When Drapers started harking on about shearling last year I knew it would be an unavoidable trend of 2010 – such is the industry. Not that I’m complaining too much – I have just survived a very harsh Christmas in the UK thanks to a pair of shearling-lined leather boots. It was just one of those obviously pushed industry trends – got my goat a little…

Anyway, it’s warm, classy and cosy. So this is a trend I support.

Burberry Shearling

Manish Shoes…..I HATE! REALLY REALLY HATE!! The only people who can look anywhere near ok in them are stick thin bean pole model types…and Alexa Chung, but not the rest of us, not the normal, people, with curves – no, I really hate this trend.

Manish Shoes - YUK!


Those are just a few of what 2010 had to offer us….I’m being nagged to go ice skating so I have to bid you, and 2010 a fond farewell!

K x


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