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The Turban Goes Urban

6 Dec

Kylie Minogue in Tuban Hat and Chanel Coat

I know this picture of Kylie Minogue wearing a turban style woolen hat with her Chanel jacket has caused divides among the fashion conscious, but I have to say, I’m down with KM on this one! This is cute and chic and a little bit whacky, I want one!

The turban as a fashion statement is, to me, terribly Art Deco (see below) – a movement that never fails to excite me.

However, the turban is a traditional head cover in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia – designed to keep the wearer cool and protected in hot, harsh climates, like the desert.

The first records of this style of headpiece can be found in Egypt, but the shape we call a turban today is probably most recognisable in history as the headpiece of choice for high-ranking Turks during the Ottoman Empire:

Mahmud II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

The first impression that comes to my mind for “turban” is a picture of a Sikh man, such as below:


A Sikh Man wearing the Turban or "Pagri" as it is known in India

Does anyone remember a Sikh man saving Annie (1982 film) from death by unwrapping his turban?! Or is that just me…? I think he was called “Punjab”…this was all before PC people! ha ha

How did I digress to Annie?!

Let’s get back on track, with none other than the lovely SJP, yep, she sported a turban in the latest SATC movie for the girls’ Middle Eastern experience, and I have to say, I think she looks good.

SJP wears Turbans for SATC2 Movie

Wanna learn to wear the style like these cuties in Japan?

Ogimomo by Murua Ladies

Here are the instructions, get your Japanese dictionary out!

How to tie a turban style with silk scarf

And here’s my attempt – what do you think?!

Moi? Pose? Whatever Darling! ūüėČ

Getting hold of a winter tuban a la Kylie is not too easy, the trend hasn’t quite filtered onto the High Street yet, so you have two options: Etsy or Knit Your Own¬†(thank you V&A Museum, you make me proud to be British!).

Ew, just found this leather one at Urban Outfitter, yuk!

Leather Turban at Urban Outfitters

Have your say! Who looks best:

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Wax Jacket Hell

5 Dec

Am I the only one who hasn’t gone insane?!

Olivia Palermo in Barbour Jacket

When I saw the above picture of Olivia Palermo wearing a Barbour jacket a few months back, I chose to ignore it –¬†consign it to the mental file “do not touch” – it was too hideous… But now my beloved magazine, Grazia Middle East, has just made it the 4th hottest story of the week and I must protest!

She does not look good. And nor will you. If OP, queen of looking gorgeous in a bin bag, can’t work the Barbour, what hope does the rest of humanity have?! Ew, I can just smell the wax… Don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of the wax jacket…back in the 1980s wax jackets played a huge role in my childhood endeavours. Protecting me from scrapes, bumps, rain, wind, dog poo….making friends…, but no people, this is not the time or place to be making them a fashion statement. Even if you do stick a silly belt around the waist, still not sexy!

I still want to wake up and find I have her legs though….dreams, dreams, dreams…

Adios waxy ones!

K x

Nicholas Kirkwood fest…

4 Dec

SJP in Nicholas Kirkwood

Everywhere I turn this week there’s a snap of a schleb wearing a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. SJP is even wearing the same pair thrice, above. Must be love ‘cos this sort of repetition is normally considered uncool up in the hollywood hills… Anyway! His designs are damned cool and definitely only for the fashion-brave (and those who get driven around by a chauffeur – they may cause a few broken ankles on the London Underground!).

Let’s take a look at some pretty ladies sporting Nicholas Kirkwood designs:

Cheryl Cole wearing Nicholas Kirkwood


Julianne Moore wearing Nicholas Kirkwood

Jessica Alba wearing Nicholas Kirkwood

And what of the designer himself?

Nicholas Kirkwood

The 30-year-old Brit trained in Fine Art at Central St Martins in London before working at milliner Philip Treacy’s store in London for five years. According to Vogue,¬†Nicholas met Philip whilst¬†skiing in Klosters and was lodging with the late¬†Isabella Blow at the time. Ok, so I’m guessing he may come from a well-connected family then?! I’m pretty sure he’s not Nic from the block anyway! Whatever, he has a great vision when it comes to shoe design.

Nicholas trained at Cordwainers college (now affiliated to London College of Fashion) in 2001, dropping out a year later to continue working full-time for Philip. But in 2005 decided to rustle up the cash to produce his own collection by making the catwalk shoes for Ghost and John Rocha. His own collection launched in S/S05 winning him the Conde Nast emerging talent award.

He hopped over the pond that season to show his collection in New York gaining the attention of Visionaire’s Cecilia Dean – she hooked him up with another emergin talent, Rodarte, for whom he has been creating show shoes since S/S09.

In 2007 he won the Vogue Italia award for accessories design and in 2008 was appointed as accessories designer for relaunched Pollini, alongside Jonathan Saunders as creative director. At the end of 2008 he won Footwear Designer of the Year from Conde Nast and yet another emerging talent award at the British Fashion Awards.

Phew! ……..There’s more, there’s more:

He opened his first stand-alone concession space, at Dover Street Market in London, in July 2009 and was nominated for the Vogue Designer Fashion Fund Award in 2010, but lost to Erdem (fair enough, Erdem rocks). No love lost, he created a collection of co-branded, co-designed shoes with Erdem A/W 10-11.

What’s next for Nicholas Kirkwood? Your guess is as good as mine!

K x

Dolce and Gabbana Dream Collection

1 Dec

Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring 2011 collection was my favourite of the season. I love watching the shows, but am not often so mesmerised by a collection –¬†I could not take my eyes off it! So much so, that two months on and I am still thinking about it, finally I have a blog as my mental outlet!

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2011

The collection is predominantly white (cameos of black and leopard add interest, but don’t steal the show), clean, crisp, embellished with embroidery and lace. It’s classic yet modern, young but sophisiticated. It mixes fitted and flowing sillouettes seamlessly (forgive the pun!). The sequinned pieces in the latter half of the¬†show are incredibly elegent, yet fresh.

It¬†will be¬†a huge hit with celebrities this coming spring, especially those spending time aboard yachts in the mediterranean. The show was incredibly calming, meditative even. The white, the music, the rhythm – a wonderful escape from modern life. Ah, if only I could afford to buy the whole collection (and requisite lifestyle…)!

As a designer-in-training, for me, this collection is as close to perfection as it gets. I’m in awe and insanely jealous of D&G’s genius all at the same time!

Check it out for yourself on You Tube. Be inspired!

K x