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Bangers – No Mash…

23 Jan

Whilst cooking up the most delicious pork sausages (a real treat when you live in a Muslim country) I amused myself with a peek at Vogue’s Best Dressed of the Week. Won’t bore you with all of them, but here are my thoughts on who is hot….and who not! (Joan Rivers will be calling me to replace Kelly soon…i just know it…)

Absolutely winner for me this week was the lovely Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte:

Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte

Absolute LOOSER – the WORST: Eva Mendes in Valentino – too bridesmaidish….perhaps it’s the headband that spoils it?

Eva Mendes in Valentino

Eva has redeemed herself this week already however, in Valentino again, but this time looking fabulous! What amazing legs.

Eva Mendes in Valentino

Anna Kendrick in Romona Keveza….who? Boing. Prom. Boring – in that order.

Anna Kendrick in Romona Keveza

And Elle Fanning showing us how to look terrible in Valentino (and I didn’t know it was possible) – she looks like the woken-dead – sorry Elle – totally washed out:

Elle Fanning in Valentino

Let’s finish on a high note with Amber Valetta looking fantastic in this green wrap dress by….who knows? Not even Vogue knows… looks amaing on her.

Amber Valetta

K x


Best bath tub ever. Fact.

21 Jan

Hello – yes, I have been a bit pants lately and not writing too often, but hey I’m busy! 🙂

The inspiration for today’s post came from an Italian design shop near our house – SICIS. I have been admiring this amazing bathtub in its window for months now…well, my 30th is fast approaching, and my husband reads my posts, so, you know….just putting it out there! 😉

This is the coolest bath tub ever – it’s a shoe!

SICIS Shoe Bath Tub


It also comes in various designs, like this one and below

One day….one day….

K xx

Bag a beaded Baguette…

12 Jan
Long held as a classic collector’s piece, the Fendi Baguette is a great investment for any wardrobe…yeah, well that’s all the excuse we need hey girls?!

Fendi Beaded Baguette - Limited Edition

Retailing at over 2,000 of my great British pounds however, I’m afraid it’s yet another investment I’m going to have to miss out on…for now. The above Beaded Baguette, which was made in celebration of 10 years of the baguette, has sold out anyway – only making it more desirable arghh!!

The Fendi Baguette has taken on many incarnations, here are ten to choose from:

The Classic

The Pink One

And it's Purple Pal

The One a few Snakes Died For

Don’t feel bad, you know snakes would make bags out of us if they could!

Leopard Print


Arts and Crafts...

Velvet Flowers

Classic with a Twist

How would you describe this one?!


K x

Spring is in the air – what’s your 2011 spring style?

5 Jan

Ok, for those of you in Europe Spring may not be in the air, but it is here, and I’m loving it!! Hate me much?!

Anyway, in a fashion sense, spring has been in the air since September, and, in fact, Spring/Summer ’11 has been in the minds of designers and fashion houses probably since the winter of ’09/’10! Such is the wheel of fashion. So how does it all start I hear you cry?!

Well, it is my understanding that it all starts with the trend forecasters and fabric producers. They send spritely young things out into the world to see, taste, feel, touch…and live “life on the streets”…of Paris, Rome, Bangkok, New York, Buenos Aires…wherever (these spritely young things have a great time!). With all the data they collect a set of trends for the season a year ahead are predicted and communicated. These trends affect the production of yarns…thus fabrics…thus designers (those aside who have their own fabrics made…). And of course, much of the industry buys into these trends, thus they are self-fulfilling prophecies and are never way off the mark. We are all, in some way (as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada reminds her scoffing assistant so elloquently), influenced by trends…even if we think we’re not. So give in, give it up and take the tend but add your own twist, why not?!

For Spring/Summer 2011 the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (there are a number of large trend predictors) predicts the following 4 major trends:

1. Tiny Pleasures spring/summer 2011 theme addresses the emo humans

Key words: sensitive, romantic, poetic, timeless, spiritual

“Modestly and patience, seeking to construct a tender refuge to escape from vagaries of the world, the brutality of events, the tumults and rumors of the outside world. At the crossroads of Asian refinement and Nordic humanist spirit, a fresh, respectful kind of design to the embellishment of daily lives…”

2. Exotic Junk – addresses the neo dissidents

Key words: wild, anti establishment, neo pirates, disobedient, dazzling

“Who has never dreamt of a land of one’s own, a paradise between earth and sea, voluntarily shipwrecked, to create one’s own civilization, far from the restraints of urban world? Our imaginations are drawn to Easter Island, to the legendary shores of Hawaii, and then to inventing a new kind of esthetic.”


Elitist Elegance – addressed to the precious uber

Key words: charismatic, off beat, seducer, precious, aesthetic

“Languidly crossing time and space… Abandoning oneself to the elitist elegance of times gone by, another civilization, by rediscovering ancient know-how, seeking rare pieces and unique objects from elsewhere: India, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey…”

4. Color therapy spring/summer 2011 fashion theme addresses the cool citizens

Key words: frugality, simplicity, joy, sharing, durability

“Out goes the grisaille! Clearance of all depression! Stress and worries all disappear in a good spring clean, “ripolined” into rainbow colors, reviewed and “stabiloed” into resembling a sixties’ musical! And with this wave of good humor also appears the idea of getting back to pretty basics.”

Which one speaks to you?

Check out the colour schemes and sillouettes that go with each trend at:

K x