Bag a beaded Baguette…

12 Jan
Long held as a classic collector’s piece, the Fendi Baguette is a great investment for any wardrobe…yeah, well that’s all the excuse we need hey girls?!

Fendi Beaded Baguette - Limited Edition

Retailing at over 2,000 of my great British pounds however, I’m afraid it’s yet another investment I’m going to have to miss out on…for now. The above Beaded Baguette, which was made in celebration of 10 years of the baguette, has sold out anyway – only making it more desirable arghh!!

The Fendi Baguette has taken on many incarnations, here are ten to choose from:

The Classic

The Pink One

And it's Purple Pal

The One a few Snakes Died For

Don’t feel bad, you know snakes would make bags out of us if they could!

Leopard Print


Arts and Crafts...

Velvet Flowers

Classic with a Twist

How would you describe this one?!


K x


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