Bangers – No Mash…

23 Jan

Whilst cooking up the most delicious pork sausages (a real treat when you live in a Muslim country) I amused myself with a peek at Vogue’s Best Dressed of the Week. Won’t bore you with all of them, but here are my thoughts on who is hot….and who not! (Joan Rivers will be calling me to replace Kelly soon…i just know it…)

Absolutely winner for me this week was the lovely Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte:

Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte

Absolute LOOSER – the WORST: Eva Mendes in Valentino – too bridesmaidish….perhaps it’s the headband that spoils it?

Eva Mendes in Valentino

Eva has redeemed herself this week already however, in Valentino again, but this time looking fabulous! What amazing legs.

Eva Mendes in Valentino

Anna Kendrick in Romona Keveza….who? Boing. Prom. Boring – in that order.

Anna Kendrick in Romona Keveza

And Elle Fanning showing us how to look terrible in Valentino (and I didn’t know it was possible) – she looks like the woken-dead – sorry Elle – totally washed out:

Elle Fanning in Valentino

Let’s finish on a high note with Amber Valetta looking fantastic in this green wrap dress by….who knows? Not even Vogue knows… looks amaing on her.

Amber Valetta

K x


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