Eel Skin Handbag – would you adam and eve it?!

6 Mar

I was mooching around the very cool Boutique One in Dubai today (waiting for a more boring shop to open I must add, so my husband doesn’t read this and think I’ve been hitting the shops again!) when I came across a wonderful oversized pink clutch bag, see exhibit A below:

Exhibit A: Heidi Mottram Pink Clutch

I spent some time opening and closing it, stroking it, checking out the quality of it’s interior (as one does) – it was lovely, but with the price no where in sight, I decided to set it down and move on… not without noting down the name of the designer first: Heidi Mottram – from London – of course!

I got home and looked her up, always eager to check out my future competition… 🙂 And to my surprise discovered that the lovely soft strokey “leather” I had been pawing was not leather at all – but eel skin…EEL SKIN I TELL YOU! Who would have known? I thought those little blighters were slippery and soggy and mushy and yukky….the sort of animal at home in the company of Ursula the Sea Witch…yes, you know the ones I mean…scarey!

Turns out not only are eels a London delicacy, but damned good for making handbags out of. According to Miss Mottram, Eel skin is a superior “hide” to leather – it’s thiner, stronger, softer and….doesn’t mark or discolour when it gets wet! Wonderful!

I just have one question….how on earth does she find pink eels?? 😉

Check out her designs (very cool) at:

Til next time

K xx


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