10 Mar

I don’t wear a massive amount of jewellery (not rapper style anyway!) – but love unique pieces I can dress up simple ensembles with. So I’m always looking out for something special.

This week I went to a private house jewellery exhibition here in Dubai – where jewellery designer Oytun Camcigil was displaying her collection. She makes unique pieces out of semi precious stones and antique silver, and also buys in traditional designs from her native Istanbul. I really enjoyed browsing her collection and found several pieces I wanted to buy – alas the budget would not allow for all of them, but I did buy a gorgeous silver bracelet (thanks Mum  🙂 – see below):

Turkish Silver Cuff from Oytun Camcigil

I also came across some great pieces in Boutique One last week – by fashion-world famous Alexis Bittar. Alexis makes jewellery for many of the top designers’ shows – and his pieces are not excessively priced – check him out at

Alexis Bittar Earrings

Alexis Bittar Bangle

I also reallly love London based Lara Bohinc – for a bit of art deco/cleopatra glamour! Her website is:

Lara Bohinc Earrings

Lara Bohinc Necklace

K xx


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