Lovin the Bumpy Hide

12 Mar

Before I left London I fell in love with this gorgeous YSL bag below:

YSL Ostrich Hide Bag

I found it for sale on t’interweb (as my bestie calls it!) at a discount and thought it was my lucky day. The site looked professional so I decided to buy. However, when inputting my credit card details, I was taken to a page with Chinese symbols….this was the point at which I thought…er oh….is this going to be a fake?! I did not want a fake (not my bag, baby 🙂 ).

Luckily, without having to wait for it to arrive, I was contacted by the company to say the bag was out of stock  – what alternative bag did I want? I didn’t want an alternative, no way! It took me some time to get a refund, but it did eventually come – and I learned my lesson. If you find an exclusive designer bag online at a gobsmacking discount…don’t do it…no matter what they say, it will be a fake! And you’ll know it…. it’s like winning when you know you cheated.

Anyhow, I still love this bag and have a growing thing for all accessories made from Ostrich hide. So here’s a selection of bumpy leather goods for those who, like me, find it fun, fabulous and chic!

Hermes Ostrich Hide Wallet

Mulberry Ostrich Hide Bayswater

Bulgari Ostrich Hide Clutch

In fact, I’m thinking of designing a line of Ostrich hide bags…I’ll keep you posted!

K xx


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