Swedish 3D Knits

14 Mar

I love to knit. I’ve knitted scarves (one I laboured over for my husband…and he never wears! Ok, we live in the desert, but he never wore it when we lived in icey Europe either!), half a hat, a gilet with holes…ok, so I’m not the best. Have you tried?! It’s hard!

So, given my questionable knitting skills, I am in awe of Swedish designer Sandra Backlund. This 3d knitted dress, modelled here by Tilda Swinton, is awesome!

Tilda Swinton in Sandra Backlund 3D Knitted Dress

Here are a few more examples of Sandra’s work. I would love to try them on to see what they feel like:

Sandra Backlund 3D Knitted Dress

Sandra Backlund Knitted...what? What is it?!

Sandra Backlund Knitted Copper Dress

Yes, apparently copper can be knitted! So can bamboo….my colleague at Craft Land was knitting with bamboo yarn yesterday…and not a panda in sight!

Sandra Backlund 3D Knitted Top

I bet this one keeps preditors at bay…

Sandra always designs unique collections – check them out at www.sandrabacklund.com

K xx


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