Spring Bok into Spring!

16 Mar

No, the Spring Bok is not a new-fangled dance routine, nor is it a chinese vegetable – guess again….!

Ok, for those of you, who, like me until a couple of weeks ago, had never heard of the Spring Bok (I may be showing my un-worldlyness at this point…) let me educate you:

African Spring Bok - Antelope Species

This beautiful creature is the Spring Bok, a species of Antelope found in South Africa and farmed for its meat (which is considered a delicacy) and soft hide.

The Spring Bok hide has a distinctive set of markings and is recognisable by its “fan of tail hairs”, which makes it a wonderful hide for unique bags….there it is! The fashion bit…for a while there you were thinking I had gone all David Attenborough on you – fear not!

Spring Bok bags are soft and chic and not often found outside of Africa….until now!

Enter Bagich, a line of stylish Spring Bok bags designed and modelled by dutch designer Nora van Eerten:

Bagich Designer, Nora, models her latest piece

Nora’s bags are hand stitched in Durban, South Africa (where she currently lives with her husband and two young children) and available in boutiques in South Africa, The Netherlands and also available worldwide via her website: www.bagich.com  

Add some Bagich Spring Bok chic to your Spring 2011 wardrobe!

K x


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