Sparkly Bags at Souk Al Bahar

30 Mar

I am a bit of magpie, so when wandering through Souk Al Bahar last night my eye was caught by a kiosk covered in sparkly bags. Part of me thought ewwww too much sparkle and colour, but another part of me could not stop looking at them, not sure if I really liked them or really not!

It’s always a worry when you move to a new city that you start to soak up a style you previously thought was garish, dull or just not classy (I came back to London after living in Hamburg and felt very conservative! I also saw for the first time how English women can look quite tarty and trashy to other Europeans – and felt a bit ashamed at things I had worn in the past).

Anyhow, I digress!

The bags in question were by a company called Vogue In. Which, as a native English speaker I am not totally comfortable about, but anyhow, they’ve got the .com domain name, so good for them. I wanted to show you some pictures, but I have to be honest, the pictures on their website are not good – think bags on draped white satin, poorly lit….ok, you don’t have to imagine it, here:

Beaded Bag by Vogue In


Beaded Bag by Vogue In


Beaded Bag by Vogue In

I have put these on my blog as I think they could be a nice alternative to an Accessorize  purse for weddings and parties (at five times the price), but I would not recommend buying on their website, it’s a bit confusing. Rather, if you can, be a magpie yourself at their kiosk in Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Mall.

K xx


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