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Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

29 Apr

Two posts in one day – I know, it must be a special holiday – and that it is! For those in the UK at least, today is a special day of celebration and an opportunity to put the blackberry aside for a few hours – hurrah! 🙂

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has got me unexpectedly excited and I found the coverage by the BBC brought a tear to my eye – an emotional moment as commoner becomes princess. And just a little thought from all us girls…”it could have been me!” ha ha. I did actually apply to St Andrews University, but was rejected as I applied to defer (which apparently wasn’t allowed, so you can imagine how miffed I was to hear a year later that Wills got accepted to defer…not fair say I!), anyhow fate played it’s hand…no 50 carrat diamonds for me – sigh.

I digress! This post is of course about THE dress – Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. She chose Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, which I feel was a good choice, but I have to say I was a little disappointed by it. I thought the lace top was beautiful and made her arms and shoulders look gorgeous, but the lower half was somewhat dull and her hair, in my humble opinion, needed a bit more volume on top. Princesses always have volume on top!

Kate Middleton with sister Pippa before entering Westminster Abbey

She is a classic beauty, very natural, very elegant, so I do think the dress worked very well on her – it’s just I wanted a bit more bling!

My friend Claire tells me Kate did her own make up – say what? I’m liking this princess more and more 🙂 I thought her skin looked radiant and her smile was so genuinely overjoyed I couldn’t help but get all teary and girly everytime I saw her.

Kate Middleton before the ceremony


Princess Catherine and Prince William after the ceremony

The dress behind the THE DRESS however, has to be Pippa Middleton’s – gorgeous!
Also by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen – it worked her curvey figure perfectly – in fact, she looked so good many papers are saying she stole the show and dubbing her “the other Middleton girl” (with reference I should imagine to the Boleyns…).
Pippa Middleton, Maid of Honour in McQueen
Pippa Middleton, Maid of Honour in McQueen

The silhouette of this dress is so crisp, so fresh, so peachy, I think this will be the one that makes it into the weddings of “commoners”to come!

K xx


Personal Stylist for Free – Yes Please!

29 Apr

One of my all time style icons is Kate Bosworth. I love what she wears and I love how she wears it, but even Kate is a self-confessed fashion nobody without her stylist – Cher Coulter. And when we think of VB before it became interesting for designers to dress her…fashion disaster, but look at her now! It just goes to show we can all learn style, but maybe some of us need a little help in the beginning.

So when I heard about I could not resist giving it a go!

My profile on is a simple website where you input details about your body shape, colouring, age and so on and it finds garments to suit you and your personal style within about 2 seconds. Not bad eh?! Whether or not it’s a good judge of style will take me rather longer to find out. But in the meantime, why not try it for yourself – it’s free 🙂
K xx

China’s First It-Girl?

25 Apr

Dawn is breaking on China’s era of wealth and world-travel – I know this because I live in Dubai and I can see it with my very own eyes!

Out of almost no-where (at least it seems), large groups of Chinese tourists are scrabbling over Louis Vuitton bags at the Dubai Mall and booking out the Burj al Arab. The high-end boutiques are suddenly catering to Mandarin-speakers and the Jumeirah hotel chain is focussing on its Chinese customer base – a sign for me, that luxury is important to China’s new money.

And then, like a fairy she appears – FAN BING BING – China’s first IT-GIRL is here!

Fan Bing Bing in Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week March 2011

Fan Bing Bing wears Elie Saab, Paris Fashion Week March 2011

Apparently the “turban” was a shawl she creatively wrapped around her head. I think she must have read my post, The Turban Goes Urban

And here she is in Dior:

Fan Bing Bing wears Dior, Paris Fasion Week March 2011


So what or who do we think we’ll see next from China? It’s an exciting time for them – I look forward to all it brings!

K xx

What to Wear to a Spring/Summer 2011 Wedding

12 Apr

We’re entering that period in the year where, if you’re at my stage in life, it’s weddings, weddings and…yep, more weddings! I’m not complaining, I love weddings – especially the dressing up bit!

But what to wear?! If you’re like me, you’ll never want to wear the same outfit twice, where would be the fun in that? Besides, each wedding is a different time, place, setting, emotion. For me, each one is seen as an opportunity to try something new. So what’s new for 2011??

How about the Colour Popping Blocking trend, as seen on the runways of Prada, Jil Sander, Gucci and Sonia Rykiel:

Colour Popping Blocking by Gucci S/S'11

Go for deep, rich, bright colours and accessorise boldly.

Or maybe you like a bit of the 70s Glamour Puss look a la Marc Jacobs?:

70s Glamour Puss by Marc Jacobs S/S'11

Another trend for Spring/Summer 2011 is Angel White (my favourite collection of the season – Dolce and Gabbana):

Angel White by Dolce and Gabbana S/S'11

Just one problem….this is more appropriate for the bride than for the guest – so beware! It’s not appropriate to wear such a beautiful white dress if you’re not the bride!

You could try the Erdem take on the Angel White trend – hints of red break it up:

Angel White by Erdem S/S'11

If not white, maybe you want to keep it light and go for this season’s new nude, known as “Barely There” – this trend was seen on the runway of Chloe and Versace:

Barely There by Chloe S/S'11

Or, finally, meld into the spring fields with some LOUD PRINTS! If you go for a Stella McCartney piece you can even hide among the lemon trees…

LOUD PRINTS by Stella McCartney S/S'11

For a more sinister take on the LOUD PRINT trend try Christopher Kane:

LOUD PRINT by Christopher Kane S/S'11

With these five Spring/Summer 2011 trends under your belt you can’t fail to find the perfect wedding outfit.

K x

Victoria Beckham Grumble

4 Apr

Everytime I hear or read something about Victoria Beckham “Fashion Designer” I am somwhere between impressed and p*ssed off.

Impressed because, as someone who has left their former self behind to re-train and “re-brand” as a fashion designer, I know how damned hard it can be. But p*ssed off, because I think I’d be doing pretty well at it too if I had tonnes of cash, a ready-made excellent design team, the best factories on hand and a well-oiled PR machine behind me.

Victoria Beckham at the British Fashion Awards 2010

I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve the praise she is receiving. As creative director of her brand, she’s doing an excellent job. She does have a good sense of style (these days), but again, wouldn’t we all if we had Marc Jacobs on speed dial?? She did not look so good back in the super-wag days…

It annoys me however when people call her a fashion designer. Just because I have some good ideas for designing a house does not make me an architect! And then there are those who counter this by saying Karl Largerfeld doesn’t do his pattern cutting either….but Karl didn’t start at the top, he worked his way up. I would think he knows how to cut a pattern…anyone know?!

I know I know, I’m just jealous, and it’s true, to some extent I am jealous of her success as a “fashion designer” – I have lots of ideas that I think would be great, but neither the money nor people behind me to do anything with them. Anyhow, grumble over – at least VB is humble and working hard, and making a great label the British can be proud of.

What do you think of VB as a “fashion designer”?

K xx