Victoria Beckham Grumble

4 Apr

Everytime I hear or read something about Victoria Beckham “Fashion Designer” I am somwhere between impressed and p*ssed off.

Impressed because, as someone who has left their former self behind to re-train and “re-brand” as a fashion designer, I know how damned hard it can be. But p*ssed off, because I think I’d be doing pretty well at it too if I had tonnes of cash, a ready-made excellent design team, the best factories on hand and a well-oiled PR machine behind me.

Victoria Beckham at the British Fashion Awards 2010

I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve the praise she is receiving. As creative director of her brand, she’s doing an excellent job. She does have a good sense of style (these days), but again, wouldn’t we all if we had Marc Jacobs on speed dial?? She did not look so good back in the super-wag days…

It annoys me however when people call her a fashion designer. Just because I have some good ideas for designing a house does not make me an architect! And then there are those who counter this by saying Karl Largerfeld doesn’t do his pattern cutting either….but Karl didn’t start at the top, he worked his way up. I would think he knows how to cut a pattern…anyone know?!

I know I know, I’m just jealous, and it’s true, to some extent I am jealous of her success as a “fashion designer” – I have lots of ideas that I think would be great, but neither the money nor people behind me to do anything with them. Anyhow, grumble over – at least VB is humble and working hard, and making a great label the British can be proud of.

What do you think of VB as a “fashion designer”?

K xx


One Response to “Victoria Beckham Grumble”

  1. Maggie April 18, 2011 at 18:43 #

    She is not a designer, she is however a name.
    I can quite recall if I have ever heard her sing, however she was also in that field

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