China’s First It-Girl?

25 Apr

Dawn is breaking on China’s era of wealth and world-travel – I know this because I live in Dubai and I can see it with my very own eyes!

Out of almost no-where (at least it seems), large groups of Chinese tourists are scrabbling over Louis Vuitton bags at the Dubai Mall and booking out the Burj al Arab. The high-end boutiques are suddenly catering to Mandarin-speakers and the Jumeirah hotel chain is focussing on its Chinese customer base – a sign for me, that luxury is important to China’s new money.

And then, like a fairy she appears – FAN BING BING – China’s first IT-GIRL is here!

Fan Bing Bing in Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week March 2011

Fan Bing Bing wears Elie Saab, Paris Fashion Week March 2011

Apparently the “turban” was a shawl she creatively wrapped around her head. I think she must have read my post, The Turban Goes Urban

And here she is in Dior:

Fan Bing Bing wears Dior, Paris Fasion Week March 2011


So what or who do we think we’ll see next from China? It’s an exciting time for them – I look forward to all it brings!

K xx


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