Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

29 Apr

Two posts in one day – I know, it must be a special holiday – and that it is! For those in the UK at least, today is a special day of celebration and an opportunity to put the blackberry aside for a few hours – hurrah! 🙂

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has got me unexpectedly excited and I found the coverage by the BBC brought a tear to my eye – an emotional moment as commoner becomes princess. And just a little thought from all us girls…”it could have been me!” ha ha. I did actually apply to St Andrews University, but was rejected as I applied to defer (which apparently wasn’t allowed, so you can imagine how miffed I was to hear a year later that Wills got accepted to defer…not fair say I!), anyhow fate played it’s hand…no 50 carrat diamonds for me – sigh.

I digress! This post is of course about THE dress – Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. She chose Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, which I feel was a good choice, but I have to say I was a little disappointed by it. I thought the lace top was beautiful and made her arms and shoulders look gorgeous, but the lower half was somewhat dull and her hair, in my humble opinion, needed a bit more volume on top. Princesses always have volume on top!

Kate Middleton with sister Pippa before entering Westminster Abbey

She is a classic beauty, very natural, very elegant, so I do think the dress worked very well on her – it’s just I wanted a bit more bling!

My friend Claire tells me Kate did her own make up – say what? I’m liking this princess more and more 🙂 I thought her skin looked radiant and her smile was so genuinely overjoyed I couldn’t help but get all teary and girly everytime I saw her.

Kate Middleton before the ceremony


Princess Catherine and Prince William after the ceremony

The dress behind the THE DRESS however, has to be Pippa Middleton’s – gorgeous!
Also by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen – it worked her curvey figure perfectly – in fact, she looked so good many papers are saying she stole the show and dubbing her “the other Middleton girl” (with reference I should imagine to the Boleyns…).
Pippa Middleton, Maid of Honour in McQueen
Pippa Middleton, Maid of Honour in McQueen

The silhouette of this dress is so crisp, so fresh, so peachy, I think this will be the one that makes it into the weddings of “commoners”to come!

K xx


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