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Virtual Hair-Over with

12 May

Following on from yesterday’s post about joining the Bronde Brigade – I employed the power of – a fantastic website that enables you to try out new hair colours and styles!! And…it’s free!

Here are a few pics of me wearing virtual celebrity wigs!

Jennifer Anniston

If only I had so much lovely hair!!

Kristin Cavallari
I love this colour!

Kim Kardashian

Really – not for me is it??! ha ha

Taylor Momsen

Looks surprising good!

Sophia Bush

I like it, but I’ve had my hair chocolate brown before, did not look so good.

Leslie Man

There’s a secret ginger inside all of us!

Mary-Kate Olsen

I really like this – and it’s acutally my natural colour – I think… (it’s been too long!)

Kate Middleton

You can call me the Dutchess of Wigsville!

Seriously, you have to waste as many hours as I have on this website – it’s addictive! And for a more serious hair colour comparison you can change the colour of your own hair.

Kay Bruce Dark Blonde


Kay Bruce Aubern


Visit for some makeover fun!

Kay xx


Bronde is the New Blonde

11 May

After catching sight of myself in a picture where my hair looked like white candyfloss I have decided my days as a platinum blonde are thru!

Kay Bruce as Platinum Blonde – no “candyfloss” thanks to straighteners!

Not only does all the highlighting damage my hair to breaking point (literally), but the cost of keeping the re-growth at bay is around £1500 a year…yep, I did the maths…wish I hadn’t!

 So what now? Difficult to go darker it’s true – a risk of going green if you’re not careful, but if you choose redish tones that shouldn’t happen. And my good friend Louise is testament to DIY de-blonding, she looks gorgeous with red hair!
The colour I’ve set my sights on is the golden honey brown/blonde tones sported by the likes of Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, AnnaLynne McCord, Gisele Bundchen, and, of course, Jennifer Anniston (before recently going lighter). I’ve named this colour “Bronde” as it’s somewhere between brown and blonde and I love it!:

Bronde Goddess Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely


Poster-child for Brondes - AnnaLynne McCord


World's highest paid Super Model keeps it Bronde - Gisele Bundchen


The Queen of Hair looks best Bronde - Jennifer Anniston

I sit surrounded by cut out heads from magazines – my hair idols everywhich way I look. Now all I have to do is work out how the packets of hair dye I just bought are going to give me the desired effect. Wish me luck!!

K xx



Holiday Hats for Summer 2011

8 May

A holiday isn’t a holiday without a holiday hat. Well, that’s what I think. And my trusted panama, which has been with me since I nearly died on a beach in Spain 5 years ago without it, is steadily coming into fashion – hurrah!

Still, my hat loyalty is waning and I’m considering the purchase of something new, colourful and different. So here are some of my findings!

Missoni Hat Summer 2011

Missoni is so fun and playful and totally cool right now with all its colours clashing together. If I had a spare £600 I would try this one on.

Marc Jacobs Hat Summer 2011

Stand alone I rather like this hat – but have you seen it on the runway?! Scarey, too scarey.


Marc Jacobs' Hats on the Runway

Perhaps you’d like to see where you’re going in your summer hat? To avoid a broken nose try a brim hat from D Squared (I think they saw me in my panama and couldn’t resist):

D Squared Brim Hat

Or for the more theatrical among us, a wonky pork pie hat could be right up your street

Vivienne Westwood "wonky pork pie hat" Summer 2011

Or to look at nuts as it’s creator, try a John Galliano number

John Galliano Hat Summer 2011

 K x