Inspiration….sometimes it just doesn’t come

2 Jun

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post… and I have to say that, whilst I have been away and without internet access, it is more a factor of lacking inspiration – terrible I know!

That’s why the new IPad Ap “Moodboard” has caught my imagination. It’s a virtual moodboarding tool for designers, artists, photographers, writers….anyone who wants to capture inspiration and organise their emotions visually.

IPad - Moodboard Pro


Not actually having an IPad is somewhat of a hiderance to my using this Ap however…mmm where can I get a spare £500 from?! Not going to happen in the near future – back to the scissors, glue and….well forgetting my inspirations for weeks a time then!

The only downsides I can figure from this ap are an over-reliance on google images for inspiration….(who am I to talk?!), and the fact that a lot of inspiration for fashion is texture…a faculty IPad screens are yet to offer.

For more info on the ap visit:  

K x


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