One Dress. Over Ten Ways to Wear it!

9 Jun

I recently learned about the Two Birds bridesmaid dresses and am part in awe and part gutted I didn’t think of this great idea!

Two Birds "Convertable" Bridesmaid Dresses


The idea is simple and unique – one dress – over 10 ways to wear it – genius!

Two Birds Dresses
The fabric is a stetchy spandex jersey that drapes really well and moulds to fit all shapes without clinging to lumps and bumps. The top half of the dress consists of two long pieces of fabric, which are then twisted and wrapped in a number of different ways to produce styles to suit all shapes.

Two Birds Dress Styles

Two Birds dresses come in a host of different shades and a choice of four lengths and, according to my informant, retail at around UKP300 per dress, which for bridesmaids’ dresses is actually not that bad in my experience!

Two Birds Dresses Colour Range


I love this idea of multi-functional pieces, it’s something I’m trying to work into my designs.

For more info on Two Birds, visit:

K x


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