Aldo get my “big toes-up”!

12 Jun

Recently, and much to my husband’s dismay, I have bought quite a few new pairs of shoes… 🙂

And all but one pair come from…ALDO! Yes, Aldo – my new shoe-fest haven. And I have to say, I am extremely impressed with Aldo.

Aldo is trendy whilst not overly fashiony, and the shoes are a very good quality for the price. I only buy leather shoes, which is what put me off the chain for so many years, I didn’t know it, and I thought it was a cheapo plastic shoe store….but it is not. Whilst most of the shoes are made in China and other Asian countries, some styles are made in Italy, like the pair below which now sit happily in my wardrobe:

Aldo Broden Wedge Sandals

So let’s see how Aldo can help with our Summer 2011 wardrobes:


Aldo Nude Flats - Galban - £35.00

Aldo Nude Midi Heel - Faveiri - £70.00

Aldo Nude High Heel - Boulger - £90.00

Colour Blocking

Aldo Colour Pop Blue Wedges - Ellingwood - £60.00

Aldo Colour Pop Red Suede High Heel - Siverly - £75.00


Aldo Colour Pop Peach Flat - Rothrock - £30.00


Plus with a million and one flats to choose from- there is no excuse for ugly feet this summer! 😉

K x 



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