The Golden Rules of Accessorising

21 Jun

There is a lot of style advice out there, but all I want are a few rules to work with. So I’ve been on the hunt for rules and am going to share what I find with you over the coming weeks.

Today, I found some golden rules for accessorising from Elena Reed:

1. Scale your accessories in line with your features. This is a rule I had not come across before. Apparently, large accessories suit fuller features, as they help to scale down bigger faces and smaller accessories will accentuate finer features. Elena says, don’t overpower a small face with large earrings and a hat or put oversized bangles on a thin frame.

2. Use your accessories to create a unified mood to your outfit. I.e. a summer bag won’t fit with your winter clothing, wooden accessories won’t fit with your professional suit, and a sporty backpack won’t work with a floral dress. This may seem like an obvious one, but often we wear what we like/stick to our favourite pieces, without thinking through whether they give off the right signal.

3. Keep it uneven. Uneven numbers are more pleasing to the eye, like 5 chains or 3 bangles. Don’t double up accessories – i.e. two flowers in the hair or two broches…that match – argh!

4. Use your accessories to focus the audience attention. “Audience”?! Yes audience – I think we would all make more effort each day if we thought of those around us as our audience…that’s why celebs tend to care more….they have to! You can use accessories to focus attention on your best features. So if you have  a small waist, wear a belt. Great legs, attention grabbing tights or shoes. Beautiful neck – the right necklace and neckline. And if you don’t like a feature (fat ankles, love handles, sticky-out ears)….don’t accessorise them! 🙂

5. Balance your accessories with your outfit. If your dress is bold, with prints or ebellishments, keep the acceories simple. If the dress is simple, you can be more bold with your accessories.

Well, that’s it for today… I shall be trawling cyberspace for more nuggets of wisdom to share! If you have any tips, share them with me!

K x



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