Style Do’s and Don’ts – Ines de la Fressange

2 Jul

I cleared out my wardrobe today, reorganising, dusting (so much dust!) and chucking out…so cathartic! It took over 4 hours….hence I am telling you about it – I want praise! 🙂

Anyhow, a purge of wardrobe clutter got my mind  back to the do’s and don’ts of style I promised you. Here are a few more tips, courtesy of Ines de la Fressange (from her new book “Parisian Chic”):

Parisian Chic - Ines de la Fressange




  • Don’t wear bras with transparent straps (goes without saying in my mind! Everyone can still see them, they just look bad). A stylish visible bra is far sexier.
  • Never wear earrings and a necklace at the same time – it’s too much.
  • Don’t wear leopard skin dresses with plunging necklines….too sexy is just not sexy (oops, I may have worn such a dress recently…ha ha)
  • Don’t wear plastic flips flops. Guaranteed to shatter the chicest of looks. (But I love my havaianas Ines!)
  • Never wear too much jewellery – instantly looks cheap.

Plus, Ines recommends her “Magnificent 7” as a basis for all wardrobes:

1. A man’s blazer:


2. Trench Coat


3. Little Black Dress


4. Jeans


5. Navy Sweater


6. Tank Top

Does she really mean tank top?! I am thinking computer geeks…can’t be right – maybe she means a tight fitting t-shirt?!

7. Leather Jacket


Here she shows how the right leather jacket can look good on someone in their 50s or someone in their 20s.

Ines also advises that the bag is central to the Parisian Chic look, warning against carrying “it” bags and encouraging the reader to find the bag that is “it” for them:


Her book sounds like a fun read! You can get it on amazon and in most book stores:

K xx


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