Asos Market Place – Progressive…

8 Jul

Way back….I did a post about Asos Market place…you remember, the one about Fashion Democracy?! Sure you do 🙂

Anyhow, I popped back online today to check out the progress of the Asos Market place; who’s new, who’s hot, who’s not so hot…

See for yourself with my round up on the UK’s emerging design talent…

Iboo - Essex


I know, you never would have guessed from the styling that this is an Essex label…my god – white wellies are the new white stilletos!

Alexandra King - Bristol


Well….this look would go down well on the farm…(I know, I’m so mean!)

Beulah - London


And not just any part of London, Fulham, Darling…and you can tell by the price tag – four times more expensive than most of the competition…mirrors the real estate in that part of London.

Nancy Dee - London


Cute. But won’t win any design awards.

Kelly Love - London

I like her aesthetic, has something a bit different in the details.

Rebecca Cluett - Brighton


OK, so those Brighton lot can get away with being a bit whackier than the rest of us, but seriously, this picture hurts my eyes! Awful!

Yap Yap - Manchester


The north of England is represented…and our Manchester girl has her back against the wall… gotta love stereotypes! It’s alright, but could be H&M.

I do think Asos Marketplace is a great initiative and great for encouraging grass roots fashion. I do also like that it’s not all polished models and trendy settings, it means that for your designs to look great, they truly have to look great – even with your grandma’s garden fence as the backdrop! That’s real life, real fashion – gotta be proud to be British! 🙂

K xx


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