When is a palazzo a culotte or a culotte a flare or a flare a palazzo?

7 Aug

Wind back the film scroll 20 years and you would be sure to find a ten-year-old me in a pair of just-above-the-knee blue culottes. I loved them. I could be girly and climb trees – hurrah! Even then I wanted to have it all.

The today me….30-year-old me, can also be found pretending to wear a skirt, but actually feeling very smug at being out in a bar in a pyjama-esque pant suit…yes, the culotte has made a come back. But this time the culotte is no longer happy to be known as a culotte. She has decided to re-brand. She is THE PALAZZO PANT.

Dorothy Perkins Palazzo Pant Suit

This is my little baby – a pant suit with flared trousers…formerly known as culottes…today known as palazzo pants…but really, is there any difference? Flare, palazzo or culotte? I don’t care – I just know I love them and am actually looking forward to this trend!

I must also say, Dorothy Perkins has stepped it up a notch lately. The quality of the fabric and the fit of my pant suit is very good for the price tag. All hail DP.
Now, where are those pyjamas…
K x

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