Why does Olivia Palermo look so good?

2 Sep

What is it about Olivia Palermo that is just so endearing? There is not one picture of her I do not love.

Seeing her in this TIBI shirt and trousers combo (below), I ask myself, what is it about Olivia that takes outfits other girls wear to a whole new level of cool?

Olivia Palermo in TIBI AW'11

For example. during LFW in February, Olivia rocked up to the Mathew Williamson show wearing a Top Shop maxi skirt and looked fab:
Olivia Palermo in Top Shop maxi skirt

 Chloe Green…daugter of the Top Shop empire (with, presumably, any amount of free clothes and stylists on hand), wore the same maxi skirt to LFW…but, sorry Chloe, did not look good…:

Choe Green in Top Shop maxi skirt

 Would Olivia simply look good in anything?

Perhaps she has the perfect proportions? She is, reportedly, 5’5″, which, being the average height of Western women (well, aparently it’s 5’4″, but what’s an inch between friends?) means that many labels will have been designed to fit her height. And she is, again reportedly, but looking at her I well believe it, a size zero. Which is 32″ bust, 23″ waist and 32-34″ hips. And she looks to be in proportion, and not pear shaped like many of us.

Olivia Palermo in a bikini

In fact, from this bikini picture we can see that she is quite straight up and down with a small bust but shoulders that are broad enough to balance with her hips – the proportions of a model – just shorter. Now, it’s starting to figure…

On top of that – she has a stunningly beautiful face, gorgeous glossy hair and skinny legs, which makes them look long. Glowing skin, natural straight white teeth, big deep brown eyes, pretty hands and feet, and dimples when she smiles. Yes, I am in love! ha ha 😉


Olivia Palermo up close
So, what’s the lesson of the day kids? Well, you can have all the styling in the world, but to be truly gorgeous we need to look to mother nature! Helpful?! Look for the beauty within!
K xx




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