Does it matter where it’s made?

27 Sep



There are lots of things to think about when setting up a fashion business, trust me – things that, as a customer, you don’t even consider – not consciously anyway. One of the big questions is; Where do I get my collection made? Besides actually finding a trustworthy, good quality and willing factory (not as easy as you might suspect), you also have to think about the brand image element of where you choose to produce.

Or do you?

Sure, for high end luxury goods, people like to see that it was made in Italy. Even though a lot of production in Italy is now done by low-paid Chinese imigrants…

But have you ever really chosen not to buy a fashion item due to where it was made? I always check the label out of curiosity. In H&M you can pick up 5 tops and every one was made in the different country: China, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Romania…. I have never yet found an H&M item made in England however!

Yet, on the high street, I think we expect this ecclectic mix of production – they have to find the cheapest producer right? We get that. And we accept it – because we want cheap fashion. But what about designer labels? Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, TIBI, Alice and Olivia…where are they produced…mostly China. And the mid-levels: Reiss, All Saints, Whistles…again China, India, Turkey. Did I notice when I bought these brands? Nope. So it seems quality and brand image trump production location.

At what price point do we expect our fashion to be hand made in England I wonder?

Let me know what you think!

K xx


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