Has American TV Gone a Step Too Far?

4 Oct

I miss British tele. Arguably I’ve watched way too much of it in my life so far and could do with a break…but, when you experience tele in other countries – you realise how good British tele really is.  Which is why I look forward to Saturday nights so much here…they are showing re-runs of As Time Goes By….god I love that sitcom!

As Time Goes By - Good British Tele!

The rest of the time however I am stuck with American entertainment chanels. It took me a while to get used to all the alien-like people on American tele – so much plastic surgery, skinny bodies, big heads, huge mouths…but now I find it almost painful to watch ugly people on British tele…I have fallen into the American trap…all looks and no substance….like the american apples in the supermarket here…taste anyone?

Queen of the Lollypop Heads - Giulianna Rancic from E!

Yet still, I cannot understand a nation that thinks it’s ok to have a show called Bridalplasty. This show, “Bridalplasty”, is a reality competition type show – were brides-to-be compete against one another to win…plastic surgery before their wedding. The slogan for the show is “Bridalplasty, the only show where the winner gets cut!”….what??! Is this for real?!?!? What is wrong with you America?! This is the sort of thing a British comedy show would sketch!
I think this is awful, tacky, and a sad state of affairs. Am I the only one shouting “no!” at the tele?!
 K x

2 Responses to “Has American TV Gone a Step Too Far?”

  1. Chrissie October 19, 2011 at 22:05 #

    Just seen Vera Wang’s black wedding dress, eeeugh! The model looks like she’s suffering from a terminal illness which doesn’t help the dress at all. I appreciate what it is, but can’t decide if I I’d like it in another colour, but as a wedding dress, nah! Waddya think Kay?

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