Do celebrity fashion lines make a mockery of the profession?

16 Oct

Anyone who knows me knows that the mere sight of a new celebrity fashion line sends me into a reel of expletives…I’m not a fan! It seems like there’s a checklist for celebrities today: reality TV show, check; “autobiography”, check; rancid perfume with cheesy name, check; constantly updated twitter account that adds nothing of value to the world, check…and now fashion line, check!

Hilary Duff for DKNY

Of course, celebrity fashion lines are nothing new, since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen discovered that big bucks are to be made with celebrity branded clothes back in the 90s, celebrities have been cashing in – and who and blame them? I doubt I’d have turned down the offer to be a “fashion designer” if I had been in the limelight and was offered the easy option on a plate – “…we’ll do all the work, you just pick out what you like, and we’ll say you designed it” – easy peasy no?!

Richie Sambora - at his fashion line's show

But now it’s taken on a whole new level…not only have people who are, in my opinion, totally un-connected to their fashion line (Richie Sambora, I’m talking about you – do you not get enough cash from Bon Jovi royalties?!) added clothing to their portfolio, but some have taken it to whole new levels….with fashion shows at the major fashion weeks…and taking a bow at the close of their show (Kanye West, Avril Lavigne – where do you find the time?).

Avril Lavigne - New York Fashion Week

This post could not be written without a mention of Victoria Beckham of course. And despite my feelings of un-joy about her foray into fashion design, I have to admit, she is the lesser of many evils. For one, she readily admits that she has finally found something she is good at (and thus admits her other talents were…well… not so talented), and two – most importantly – she has committed herself to it. It’s her full time thing. Sure, she is not doing it all alone. A team of well-paid,  highly skilled designers, pattern cutters, production managers and PR people certainly help on the road to success – but at least she is showing respect for the profession – and working her socks off. Unfortunately, she has “inspired” others…

Victoria Beckham inspires Eva Longoria to become a fashion designer

Yep, VB’s success has given other schlebs the idea of becoming fashion designers…Eva Longoria and Cheryl Cole have both recently publicised their desire to follow in VB’s footsteps…I really hope they don’t. It just saturates an already highly competitive market with thoughtless crap that will, annoyingly, sell. And – the point of my post at last – I think it makes a mockery of the profession.

Isabel Marant - True Talent

It would be hypocritical of me to say that you can only become a designer if you graduate with a degree in fashion design, but at the very least you should dedicate yourself to it and work hard. Celebrity lines make it look like a doddle, which, believe me – it is not. I find this makes a mockery of those who do work hard, and build a business from scratch – people like Isabel Marant and Rebecca Taylor, and I would also like to put celebrities through their paces on Project Runway – that would give us a chance to see how talented these celebrity designers really are…

K x


One Response to “Do celebrity fashion lines make a mockery of the profession?”

  1. dapperdolly October 16, 2011 at 19:47 #

    What’s even more annoying is when a line is by a celeb that no fashion sense of their own and is told how to dress by advisors. I don’t mean style input/advise – but if they’re actually dressed by others and their clothes are bought without their choosing then what’s the point in putting their name to a fashion line?

    As for VB – I think she’s been following fashion long enough to know a fair bit about it, not the technical side necessarily but she’s a fashion icon and has a lot of networks and money – and that’s what celeb fashion line success is about. It’s not what you know but who you know and whether you can fund it.

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