Kendell Jenner stunning in White Sands

24 Oct

Having been sucked into the Kardashian world since moving to Dubai and being subjected to American trash TV, I have grown quite fond of the K Klan….despite the fact that every second word is “like”. It’s, like, totally, like, annoying! Argh!!!  I can’t stop watching them…sad but true.

Anyhow, the new generation of the K Klan, Kendell and Kylie, are just starting to become interesting – especially Kendell – who is, in my opinion, stunning.

Check her out modelling for Australian swim wear line White Sands:

Kendell Jenner models White Sands Bikini

It’s a really cool bikini…if only I had the bod to look that good in it…never going to happen!
I chuckle to myself everytime the brother of the K Klan appears on the show…how must he feel? His mum gave birth to 6 children…and he is the only one who’s name does not begin with a K. He’s called Rob. What happened Kris (the mum)? Didn’t like Kevin, Karl, Kristian, Keith, Kelvin, or Kai?

Rob Kardashian - Odd One Out

K x




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