A job for Princess Beatrice?

28 Oct

According to the German version of In Touch magazine, Prince Charles wants to reduce the number of royals working for the Crown – and thus, says the magazine, the likes of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie may need to find themselves an actual job – like the rest of us!

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

Never fear Beatrice – I think the Germans have got it wrong – but I do have a proposal for you:

Beatrice for British Fashion

It’s fairly common knowledge that Princess Beatrice has an interest in fashion. She’s not a natural in the style stakes (that hat!), but 10 out of 10 for effort.


According to one of Beatrice’s friends: “She is quite interested in fashion. But she is not sure exactly what sort of job she could do. Whatever she decides she would like to continue her charity work too.” [thanks femalefirst.co.uk)

That Hat!

Well why not set up an orgnisation to support British fashion manufacture? The north of England used to be the world centre for fabrics and now British designers have to fly all over the world to source second rate fabrics and pump their money into other countries. Ok, there are good reasons for the decline of fashion manufacture in the UK (expensive labour for one), but surely we can hike up our offering and make a niche manufacturing base for high quality fabrics, trims and garments?

It’s not a super thought-out plan – but it’s an idea – one I hope Princess Beatrice finds when she googles her own name…surely Princesses do that too??!

K x



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