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Jean Paul Gaultier – Amy Winehouse: Genius or Poor Taste?

5 Feb

When I got wind of the latest JPG Couture collection being modelled on Amy Winehouse’s image I wasn’t sure whether to be intruigued or reviled. My first thought was: isn’t it a little soon to pay homage to the singer on the catwalk? JPG must have started work on this immediately after her death – or worse….before! (There’s the start of a conspiracy theory…)

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture January 2012 - Amy Winehouse Inspired

 As the above look shows, his collection is less “inspired by” and more “a copy of” Amy’s image – therein lies the problem. Fashion is glamorous – at least that’s how we want it to be. To display Amy’s image on the catwalk so soon after her death, with models smoking cigarettes and looking dishevelled- does this not give the message that her behaviour was glamorous and something to aspire to?

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture January 2012 - Amy Winehouse Inspired

 The collection also appears to celebrate her death, rather than her life. The above look is reminiscent of slutty funeral garb – right out of a Spanish mourning handbook.

Yet, that said, you cannot ignore the skill and craftmanship Gaultier’s collections display. The look below is beautifully artistic and very skillfully made. And sits more comfortably in the “inspired by” rather than “copy of” area for the inspiration.

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture January 2012 - Amy Winehouse Inspired

 Whilst I’m sure well-meant (Gaultier is a bit of a soft teddy at heart), the collection has upset the family of Amy Winehouse, and understandably so. To recfify the situation JPG only need apologise for any hurt caused and…donate some money to Amy’s foundation. But will the Enfant Terrible be mature enough to see the error of his ways? I doubt it.

View the runway show here:

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