Fun Fashion iPad Apps

15 Mar

It’s been over a month since my last post – the pressure has been steadily growing! This is my come back 😉

Anyway…the reason for my departure was two-fold…one, pure laziness…and two…my new IPAD! I have been somewhat distracted by my little tablet of joy – and, BTW, the wordpress app is RUBBISH!

During my month of app-frenzy however, I have been doing some fashion app research. And here are a few recommendations:


Top of my list is the Net-A-Porter app. It’s a weekly magazine, that is a: really cool and b: enables you to poke outfits you like and buy them immediately from Net-A-Porter (not good news for the financially unstable!). HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!


Next up is the Smart Dresser app. It is far from perfect, but has great potential. You basically upload a picture of yourself (preferably in only your undies) and then you can try on all these cool outfits! The idea from the developers is that they will upload lots of current stock clothes, which you can try on virtually before you buy. There are a few issues the app needs to sort out before it is really useful though: firstly, you can only try on one piece at a time – i.e. no possibility of layering at present, and secondly, adding your own pieces is tricky as erasing the background doesn’t work too well. If you are great in Photoshop you can overcome this – then you could have your whole wardrobe on there! This app has GREAT POTENTIAL!

What I’m really looking for here is an app where I can store my wardrobe, so I can compile outfits and try them on my body. Where I can also plan packing for holidays, and plan for shopping. That dream app will come I hope!


There are other apps out there that enable you to moodboard your outfits – like I Wear (above) and Style Book, but I find them more effort than value – and Style Book is only for iPhone, so is tiny on the iPad.

 Other apps….less fashion related….that I can recommend are:


Houzz is a great resource for interior inspiration. Free and updated weekly. You can search by room type or just browse through – and save your favourites. I find it great for building a moodboard of my future dream home!


My Fitness Pal, another fantastic free app. If you are interested in your daily calorie and nutritional intake, this is a great way to get some transparency. Quick, easy, it’s already helped me loose 1 KG (that’s a lot for me!) – and it motivates me to eat well and exercise daily too. Another: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


And finally, I have to tell you how my I LOVE MY DRUM KIT!! It’s just so much fun! And…Free. Yep, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Until next time…whenever that may be…

K xxx


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