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Kay Bruce Loves Sausages

29 Aug

It’s true – I do love sausages! And I love love love my sausage dog!!

My best friend picked up on the vibe and gave me this fantastic sausage dog dress for Christmas. I just came across this picture of it and defy you not to love it!! Chic and canine loyal 🙂





Vogue…it’s classified!

12 Aug


I’ve been on holiday – hurrah! Had the chance to catch up on some serious fashion magging…including the British versions of everything….which come with a silly price tag here so I always save them for holidays!



British Vogue August 2012

My favourite part of Vogue is the classified. Some hidden gems… here’s my pick:

My eye was totally caught off guard by this amazing house in Marbella:


5 Start Boot Camp Marbella

This is the home of in Marbella – a luxury bootcamp where you get your own personal chef! If I didn’t hate skipping ropes, weights and sportswear I’d be heading for the airport!

Next up it’s British contemporary design site, I love this piece by Anthony Hartley:


Anthony Hartley Drawers

This next image struck me as something unique, fun, feminine. A bathroom courtesy of Clare Topham –


Clare Topham Interior Design

Then there’s Halcyon Days Heritage – a British brand bearing the royal crest…beautiful handcrafted enamels made in England. These bangles are modern and chic:

Finally, I love the design of this Maria Lamanna bag… the other bags on the website were not so interesting unfortunately, but this one just has something about it:


Maria Lamanna Leather Bags

That’s my pick!

K x