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Hello Kitty Spa!!!

13 Sep

I love Hello Kitty. I don’t care that’s it’s meant for little girls… I am a little girl at heart!

Today i went to the Hello Kitty Spa in Dubai (Town Centre Jumeirah mall). It’s the first and only Hello Kitty Spa in the whole wide world – and it’s fabulous!

Kay Bruce at the Hello Kitty Spa in Dubai

I was gracefully accompanied by my friend’s cute 5 year-old who enjoyed strawberry juice in a champagne glass and a delicious chocolate fairy cake with edible kitty bow! She had a pedicure and a hair cut and I got a manicure.

Apparently they do birthday parties… and not just for the kids… I know where I’ll be spending my 32nd…

K x


Lyst Your Lust-Have Labels

6 Sep

L L L Loving the L’s today!


I think it’s fair to say that I’m no early adopter when it comes to social media (nor mobile phones – I still carry an old brick around – which I love, ‘cos it survives when I drop it on the hard tiled floors!), but I am getting better. My latest discovery is

This fab website is so simple. You just sign up, browse through their registered fashion brands and click to follow the ones you like. Then you have your own personalised stylefeed. And… you can buy the items listed at the click of a button… oh dear!

You can also follow bloggers, magazines and friends, and when items on your lyst come up for sale, you get a notification too – hurrah!

I need to spend some more time on the website before I truly understand it’s powers. How does anyone have time to work with all this out there?! 

Check it out:

K xx

Samsung, I Salute You!

4 Sep

I had a hearty chuckle over breakfast this morning when I read that Samsung has sent Apple its $1 Billion payout in 30 truck loads of 5 cents!

Samsung Bosses know how to have a laugh

And despite my recent trauma with my Samsung refridgerator (water leaking people!), this jaunt has won them back a place in my heart.

What on earth will Apple do with all those coins?!  I’d happily take a truck off their hands… 🙂

K x

Later: Feeling a bit silly now that it is clear this was an internet rumour with absolutely no truth to it! Duh, what was I thinking?  1 billion dollars in coins?! That would be a lot of sofa crack raiding to find that many coins… if that many are even in circulation anyway?! Still, the idea is fun and this has surely been good PR for Samsung?! I wonder who was behind the rumour?