Samsung, I Salute You!

4 Sep

I had a hearty chuckle over breakfast this morning when I read that Samsung has sent Apple its $1 Billion payout in 30 truck loads of 5 cents!

Samsung Bosses know how to have a laugh

And despite my recent trauma with my Samsung refridgerator (water leaking people!), this jaunt has won them back a place in my heart.

What on earth will Apple do with all those coins?!  I’d happily take a truck off their hands… 🙂

K x

Later: Feeling a bit silly now that it is clear this was an internet rumour with absolutely no truth to it! Duh, what was I thinking?  1 billion dollars in coins?! That would be a lot of sofa crack raiding to find that many coins… if that many are even in circulation anyway?! Still, the idea is fun and this has surely been good PR for Samsung?! I wonder who was behind the rumour?


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