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Britney has the ZZZ… Factor

24 Nov

Is it just me, or is Britney the worst X Factor Judge ever?!

She’s like one of those pull-the-string dolls with the pre-recorded responses. You can guarantee that in no particular order she will say: “That was amazing, well done.” “That was beautiful.” “I thought that was beautiful”… bla bla bla – nothing constructive or interesting comes out of her mouth – and I wonder if she is actually with it enough to realise what’s happening… she just seems to be in her own world – which involves being stiff and unemotional – and generally a useless judge and seemingly a hands-off mentor. Bit harsh? Perhaps. But when I compare her to her much younger and less experienced co-judge, Demi Lovato – I am firmly in Camp Lovato!

Watching her on stage with her acts last night – I realised… she’s really uncomfortable. How can someone who has performed in front of millions be uncomfortable on stage? But I truly believe she is. I would feel sorry for her, but I just find the way she handles the whole thing un-likable.

And why does she dress like she shops at Walmart? And what’s with the 80s throw-back hair styles? Seriously, sack the stylist!

Now – just one more gripe… next week we are all going to be wowed by Britney’s new music video… ok – we can see that on You Tube – how about a live performance?! If Cher Lloyd can come out there and perform live (and did a damned good job of it much to my surprise), why can’t Britney shake her stuff? I wonder if it’s all the peroxide blonde that eventually melts someone’s mind… it’s my personal theory that being a bottle blonde was Marilyn Monroe’s fall down… anyhow, that’s another story.

So, Britney, sorry love, but in my opinion, you are giving off the zzzzzzzzz…. factor…

K x


Get a Little Snails on Your Nails…

14 Nov


It’s been a while. Largely because I have been suffering with various ailments – and one in particular that is proving tricky to shift. As a consequence of my endeavours for glorious health (or at least absence of poor health!) I have become UEBER aware of all the chemicals and poisons in our world. I tell you, there are just too many!

So I wanted to highlight a fun little product that can be used without the toxic effect of it’s more contemporary friends… Snails Nail Polish! Designed for kids and mums-to-be. Totally non-toxic. I’m not sure it’s edible (which I am coming to believe all products we adorn ourselves with should be!) and the downside is that if you want it to stay on for the night you’d better not wash your hands… but other than that – it’s a great step in the right direction.

Snails Kids Toxin Free Nail Polish

And how much do I want this Princess Crown gift pack?

Snails Nails Gift Packs - Princess Crown

Is this the woman’s version of a mid-life crisis? I don’t want a Harley or a Porsche (ok, maybe I’d take a Porsche if offered…) – but I do want girlie pink nail polish and trips to the Hello Kitty Spa! Growing Down is the new Growing Up people!!

K xx