Britney has the ZZZ… Factor

24 Nov

Is it just me, or is Britney the worst X Factor Judge ever?!

She’s like one of those pull-the-string dolls with the pre-recorded responses. You can guarantee that in no particular order she will say: “That was amazing, well done.” “That was beautiful.” “I thought that was beautiful”… bla bla bla – nothing constructive or interesting comes out of her mouth – and I wonder if she is actually with it enough to realise what’s happening… she just seems to be in her own world – which involves being stiff and unemotional – and generally a useless judge and seemingly a hands-off mentor. Bit harsh? Perhaps. But when I compare her to her much younger and less experienced co-judge, Demi Lovato – I am firmly in Camp Lovato!

Watching her on stage with her acts last night – I realised… she’s really uncomfortable. How can someone who has performed in front of millions be uncomfortable on stage? But I truly believe she is. I would feel sorry for her, but I just find the way she handles the whole thing un-likable.

And why does she dress like she shops at Walmart? And what’s with the 80s throw-back hair styles? Seriously, sack the stylist!

Now – just one more gripe… next week we are all going to be wowed by Britney’s new music video… ok – we can see that on You Tube – how about a live performance?! If Cher Lloyd can come out there and perform live (and did a damned good job of it much to my surprise), why can’t Britney shake her stuff? I wonder if it’s all the peroxide blonde that eventually melts someone’s mind… it’s my personal theory that being a bottle blonde was Marilyn Monroe’s fall down… anyhow, that’s another story.

So, Britney, sorry love, but in my opinion, you are giving off the zzzzzzzzz…. factor…

K x


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