Papa Roti Bun Obsession

15 Jun

Last year, late one evening, as the sun set and the fridge remained empty, my husband and I decided to walk across to our local mall (Sunset, Jumeirah) to visit what looked like a simple little Italian, called Pappa Roti.

Pappa Rotti Sunset Mall Jumeirah 3

Pappa Rotti Sunset Mall Jumeirah 3


In our naivety and growing hunger, we had imagined an offering of simple pasta dishes and perhaps a Tiramisu to finish. So we were not pleasantly surprised that the only food the waitress could offer us was a “bun”. A BUN?! We replied incredulously, that’s it? “Yes mam, yes sir”.

We promptly snapped our drinks menus shut and left displaying a very grumpy disposition. We could not understand why this place, that was so often packed with a cool local crowd, was of such interest when it only offered buns.

Roll forward almost a year and I invite a friend for a coffee, we need somewhere local as we don’t have much time, “let’s try that Papa Roti place?” I suggest.

This time, I’m open to the possibility of a bun, so I order a milk ginger tea and a bun combo…

The Father of All Buns

The Father of All Buns

Words cannot describe… but I’ll try: warm, soft, gooey fluffy buttery salty inside, crunchy grainy sweet outside – somewhere between an all butter croissant, soft freshly baked french baguette, and the outer edge of a Victoria Sponge…my god – this bun really is the father of all buns – its indescribably good – unlike anything else and is my new obsession!

If you haven’t tried one yet, you have to give it a go. If you’re like me – the sort of person who can’t say no to sweet treats and warm bread with lightly salted butter… then you are sure to fall in love. The first one I had I practically O’d! 🙂

I daren’t look at the sugar content or count the calories – who cares when a bun tastes this good! (just in moderation… in moderation… I chant this to myself as I drive by the mall…)

K x


3 Responses to “Papa Roti Bun Obsession”

  1. christianeryder June 15, 2013 at 16:15 #

    Sounds absolutely gorgeous, I’ll be down there checking it out… ❤ Cx

  2. roti maker September 16, 2014 at 11:48 #

    nice tip’s tell us thank for ssharing.

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