Ramadan ROCKS!

11 Jul

Most people flee Dubai as Ramadan draws close. I cherish their departure 🙂

Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road

I went to Dubai Mall yesterday morning – a place I can normally only bear for an hour or two – but it was heaven – no one there – so calm!

It reminded me of how Dubai was when I moved here 3 years ago. It was just just coming to terms with the mass exodus that took place 2008 and 2009. My friend said it felt like a great city JUST before all the people got there – like London in the 60s. Ahhhh! (not that either of us are old enough to remember London in the 60s)

Yesterday, as I drove at sunset down the beach road – with barely any other cars around me – I felt like I’d been let into the theme park half an hour before everyone else – it felt great!

K x



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