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Banane Taipei – The Ergonomics of Desire…

14 Nov

I want this bag:


It’s the Banane Taipei Birkin Canvas Tote. I know they’ve been around a while – but for some reason, my desire has only just peaked.

I’m not going to buy it though. One Hundred AND Sixty Four AMERICAN DOLLARS – Are these people insane?! It’s a tote bag! Made from canvas! And it’s knocking off another design…

But I’ve an idea… a tote bag with a print of the Banane Tapei Tote Bag that bears a print of the Birkin… the bag version of the “bird in a bird in a bird” roasted dinner… now that’s going to be a complicated Lawsuit!

K x


Dubai’s SUPERCAR Parade

9 Nov

Some weeks ago, my fabulous friend Sam got invited to drive her swish Aston Martin in the Dubai SUPERCAR Parade. Much to my delight, she asked me last week if I’d drive with her. Never one to turn down an opportunity to pose, I said a hearty OMG YES!

For reasons I shall not divulge (some lax organisational skills on the part of the Parade organisers), Sam and I found ourselves standing in the starting pit, being shaken by the thrum of a hundred supercar engines…with no car to drive!

As the cars left the pit one by one, our hopes of joining the parade diminished and our bottom lips began to tremble with disappointment… until our luck changed and a gorgeous white Aston Martin Rapide stopped to allow us to hop into the back seats.

Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin Rapide

Thank you to Joe the owner of the Rapide. He and his wife welcomed us to join them on the Parade – they were super cool!

The drive was fun! A bit less organised than I had imagined (well, this is Dubai, inshallah had to feature somewhere right?!) – but at some points the crowds lining the route down Sheikh Zayed Road were so close we could high five them through the windows!

The crowds on Sheikh Zayed Road either side of the cars

The crowds on Sheikh Zayed Road either side of the cars

It was a fun afternoon – which ended with me finding my new dream car…

Out of all the super cars on display, this was the one that I wanted to take home:

Dubai Expo Campaign Mini with Moustache

Dubai Expo Campaign Mini with Moustache

Until next time.

K x