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Nina Ricci Mules

How much do I love these mules by Nina Ricci??! I think they are beautiful, feminine, funky, cool, unique, classy….just awsome!

I have a gorgeous silk scarf by Nina Ricci too – there’s something about the label that fits my world view.

The Nina Ricci house of fashion was founded by Maria “Nina” Ricci and her son Robert in Paris in 1932. Nina was 39 at the time and had worked in fashion from a young age, starting at 13 with an apprenticeship at a dressmaker’s.

In the 1950s, Nina, now into her 70s, began to pull back her involvement in the label and her son appointed a new head designer, a Belgian chap called Jules-Francois Crahay – naturalment! Nina Ricci passed away in 1970.

Since then, the label has played host to many designers, some more commercially appealing than others. Today, the label’s lead designer is Peter Copping – a Brit trained at Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art (i.e. he’s very creative!). It seems Peter’s goal is to open up the brand with a cutting edge shoe line. And I’d say, based on my obsession over this one, he’s doing a pretty good job so far!

K x


These Kirsten Goss hand-cut gold earrings are beautiful.

Kirsten Goss Hand-cut Earrings

Kirsten says, “My jewellery is for women who like to express themselves subtly and definitively, it’s for confident, independent girls”. Hell yeah! We love you Kirsten!

To be honest though, I prefer her classic work, those pieces made of one metal, no fuss, no beads or feathers. Some of her work takes on a tribal look, which just doesn’t work for me. But see for yourself – you can check out her collection at: www.kirstengoss.com

K x


Joan Rivers - Fashion Police

Who does not love E!’s Fashion Police?! Joan Rivers’ commentary on the week’s celebrity fashions – brilliant, I look forward to it so much!! I also think Kelly O and the guy who’s name I can never remember, make excellent style evaluations. If you don’t get E!, check it out online! http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/fashion/index.html

K x


Chie Mihara Winter 2010/11

I have long time had a thing for Chie Mihara, and yet, thus far have never bought a pair of her shoes – I know not why. I tried to buy a pair sold through the UK brand “Toast” once, but they didn’t have my size by the time I had got to the shop on Upper Street, Islington – they sold FAST! I have touched enough of them however to know that they are top quality.

Beautifully hand crafted in Spain, and padded inside (surely a woman’s dream?). Made from luscious leather and often in unique tones, berries and turquoise, purple blues and shades of grey, mmmm yummy.

On top of the fact that these shoes are simply a great product, the designer behind them is also pretty cool. Chie has Japanese parents, grew up in Brazil, was educated in fashion in both Japan and USA (New York), moved to Spain aged 27…had a family… founded the brand… check her out on You Tube.


K x



Will Drummond 2010 – modelled by his twin sister!


Will Drummond Sketch

He’s young, he’s British, he’s very talented – keep your peepers open for the future pride of Britain! I predict great things for Will Drummond. He’s heading to NYC’s coveted institute of design (FIT) in the new year – and I think he’s going to show the yanks how it’s done! 😉

I met Will when we studied dress making together at Pams Palace in London – I was super impressed with his creativity and construction skills – he can tack up a jacket like no other! (hey Will!?)

Wishing you all the best in New York Will, and looking forward to seeing your collection in Bloomingdales!

K xx

Keep up with Will at: http://www.willdrummond.blogspot.com/

Whilst not an obvious recommendation for the fashion fertile, The Hunger Games (first of a trilogy) is fantastic, you have to read it (them)!

Book receommendation

Ignore all your instincts when looking at the cover or reading the basic plot, just read the books, they are brilliant and extremely imaginative too!

And I have  to thank my fabulous friend Shelley Hoppe for this recommendation. She even bought me a copy of the first book, sensing I, like most, would look at it (in the Young Adult section of the book store, hee hee) and turn away in fear! ha ha

I can’t put them down (much to my husband’s annoyance)!

K xx



Bagich designer Nora models her collection

With the exception of Elle Macpherson…ok and Kylie, not many designers can model their own collections – that’s why KAY LOVES Bagich’s founder and designer…the gorgeous Nora! 🙂

Nora’s bags are made from the African Sping Bok, an antelope species used for its meat and hide in South Africa. Her bags are hand stitched in Durban (where she currently lives with her husband and two children) using soft Sping Bok skin, genuine cow hide and gold plated hardware.

In a world where high street immitation faux leather bags are rife, Nora’s designs are a breath of fresh air.

Currently available in selected boutiques in The Netherlands and South Africa (and maybe soon Dubai!) and available too from her website – a Spring Bok bag could be just what you need to set off your spring 2011 wardrobe.

Visit Nora at www.bagich.com for more info and to see her latest design.

  K xx


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