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Sienna Miller Golden Globes – Hit or Miss?

23 Jan
Sienna Miller Golden Globes 2013

Sienna Miller Golden Globes 2013

Now, I’ve been thinking this over for a few days already… so I know there is already a lot of coverage out there on Sienna’s choice of attire for this year’s Golden Globes… but as I can see, I’m one of the few who finds her choice perplexing…

She is beautiful. So wearing a bin liner with her head covered in vomit, this girl would still look fabulous, but for me, this outfit choice… was a miss.

I find it shapeless and frumpy on her. It would look wonderful on a more mature woman or even on someone of supermodel height, but for her, I find it takes away from her youthful glow and zesty style image.

Just because you became a mum, doesn’t mean you have you to dress Mumsy – Sienna. Why not get your sis to knock you up something fabulous next time?!

K x









What do Kay Bruce and Victoria Beckham have in common?

20 Dec

Nope, I’ve not ditched the gorgeous Austrian and married a premier league footballer….

Married to a Premier League Footballer?

Married to a Premier League Footballer?

… nor have I recorded a song with Dane Bowers…

Recored a song with Dane Bowers?

Recorded a song with Dane Bowers?

Switched between blonde and brunette?

Tried Blonde and Brunette?

Well – yes, I have done that – but that’s not it!

Oh, I can’t keep suspense any longer….

Kay Bruce and Victoria Beckham are both stocked in the most gorgeous boutique in Dubai – Boutique 1!!!

It’s true – one of my scarves was “spotted” – and now I’m stocked in my dream boutique. Kay Bruce scarves will be available at Boutique 1, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai from tomorrow (Friday 21st December).

The stunning Boutique 1 in Dubai's Mall of the Emirates

The stunning Boutique 1 in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates

So – get down there! The Christmas in Dubai collection is available and a selection of the Love London collection too.

Kay Bruce Silk Scarves at Boutique 1, Dubai

Kay Bruce Silk Scarves at Boutique 1, Dubai

K x (www.kaybruce.net)

Lyst Your Lust-Have Labels

6 Sep

L L L Loving the L’s today!



I think it’s fair to say that I’m no early adopter when it comes to social media (nor mobile phones – I still carry an old brick around – which I love, ‘cos it survives when I drop it on the hard tiled floors!), but I am getting better. My latest discovery is Lyst.com

This fab website is so simple. You just sign up, browse through their registered fashion brands and click to follow the ones you like. Then you have your own personalised stylefeed. And… you can buy the items listed at the click of a button… oh dear!

You can also follow bloggers, magazines and friends, and when items on your lyst come up for sale, you get a notification too – hurrah!

I need to spend some more time on the website before I truly understand it’s powers. How does anyone have time to work with all this out there?! 

Check it out: www.lyst.com

K xx

Kay Bruce Loves Sausages

29 Aug

It’s true – I do love sausages! And I love love love my sausage dog!!

My best friend picked up on the vibe and gave me this fantastic sausage dog dress for Christmas. I just came across this picture of it and defy you not to love it!! Chic and canine loyal 🙂




All Aboard the QEII!

24 May


Even our wonderful Queen had to tolerate the tube once upon a time…I wonder if she hopped off at Oxford Street for a snoop around Top Shop?! OK – it was 1969, so unlikely!

As you sweat it out this morning, think of England 🙂

K xx