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Sienna Miller Golden Globes – Hit or Miss?

23 Jan
Sienna Miller Golden Globes 2013

Sienna Miller Golden Globes 2013

Now, I’ve been thinking this over for a few days already… so I know there is already a lot of coverage out there on Sienna’s choice of attire for this year’s Golden Globes… but as I can see, I’m one of the few who finds her choice perplexing…

She is beautiful. So wearing a bin liner with her head covered in vomit, this girl would still look fabulous, but for me, this outfit choice… was a miss.

I find it shapeless and frumpy on her. It would look wonderful on a more mature woman or even on someone of supermodel height, but for her, I find it takes away from her youthful glow and zesty style image.

Just because you became a mum, doesn’t mean you have you to dress Mumsy – Sienna. Why not get your sis to knock you up something fabulous next time?!

K x