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The Act Dubai – Encore? Je dis NON!

10 Jan

Hello Night Owls,

Tis not oft one feels compelled to lean on the written word at small-o’clock, but since I just returned from a night at THE ACT in Dubai, I felt compelled to share my experience, for better… OR WORSE… besides, there are so few honest and open reviews in Dubai…

The Act Dubai 2

The Act Dubai

On the trend bandwagon comes another supper club concept – The Act. A night club done up in the style of a run down theatre (that’s Dubai!) where you can have dinner and watch a few acts and then the place turns into a club.

What’s not to like?

Well, we were told to arrive early to get a good table, as specific tables could not be reserved. When we arrived it was about 10% full… so plenty of tables available. We were shown to a small round table where they tried to squeeze 6 places… we were not happy with this situation so they joined two round tables. This meant we were in a weird 3-3 split… which totally spoiled the atmosphere. We complained. And after pushing it to the point of ruining our aperitif buzz, the manager promptly moved us to a MUCH BETTER TABLE.

The Act Cerviche

The Act Cerviche

Dinner was mostly good. If you like Cerviche there’s plenty to choose from and the slow roasted meats were yummy. The milk cake was pretty good to share – other dishes were nothing to write home about. Drinks were OK, just ok (I had a Kir Royale and a passion fruit mojito). In the end we paid around AED3,000 (EUR 600, GBP500) for 6 people. Service was good; our waiter was attentive and pretty easy on the eye…

The Acts were a mixture of singing, dancing and Las Vegas style stuff… sword swallowing, some dude balancing on a skate board… pretty fun the first time around…

NOT so much fun when we waited over half an hour to see the next act… to find the acts began to repeat….

At this point we had been evicted from our table and were struggling to find a spot to stand where were not ushered away by a member of corset-wearing staff or a burly bouncer. To say we felt unwelcome would be an understatement – an insult when we just coughed up AED3,000 for dinner.

The crowd? Yeah, pretty… urm… well, mostly for hire…. let’s just say there were a disproportionate number of tall skinny eastern European looking ladies in scant wear… one guy sat proudly surrounded by a bevy of brunettes – clearly paid for. Hey, I’m not judging… it was just amusing 🙂

So – what was the saving grace of the night?

Gordon Ramsey Sweetheart

Gordon Ramsey Sweetheart

Oddly, it was my 30 second lift ride with one of Britain’s most famous TV Chefs – Gordon Ramsey. He was leaving The Act at the same time, similarly not impressed with his experience.

Of course, the fame ho that I am, I took the chance to tell The Big G that I’d had my wedding lunch at his restaurant in Claridges – he seemed a little embarrassed by my acknowledgement of his talents. He came across as really sweet actually. And ladies… you know what, he’s much cuter in real life. Sorry Tana, I think we would… 😉

K xx