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The Best of Petite Fashion for Young Women

13 Jan

It must be a new year itch… I’ve got an uncontrollable urge to purge all those items from my wardrobe that: aren’t cool, don’t suit me, don’t fit me, I don’t like (anymore), are just looking tired, or I just never wear and don’t quite understand why.

World's Most Famous Closet...who's is it?!

World’s Most Famous Closet…who’s is it?!

But this year I’m taking things a little more seriously – this time I want to work out why it is that with a wardrobe full of nice clothes I never quite feel happy with what I wear… and here’s one little gem I came up with… nothing quite fits right… because I’m petite and I never buy petite range clothes… duh!

Well, I reasoned with myself, that’s because petite clothing ranges are designed for the more mature woman… not with a young woman in mind – or are they?

In the most part – yes, ranges designed specifically for petite women do tend to focus on women in their 50s/60s – like Precis Petite and Karen Gillam, but here’s what I found out there for us young little ladies who want clothes to fit and be the right proportion, but aren’t quite ready to dress like their (lovely) mum.


American fashion line with a youthful and colourful line for petite women.

Nordstrom Petite

Nordstrom Petite


Top Shop

The pride of Britain’s high street – Top Shop – has a petite range which reflects the styles available in in other ranges – a london-y youthful look.

Top Shop Petite

Top Shop Petite


Miss Selfridge

I haven’t bought anything from Miss Selfridge for at least 5 years – trying to get away from the teeny-bopper-slave-to-fashion thing the line has going on… but that said, there are a few cute pieces here, so maybe it’s a go-er?

Miss Selfridge Petite

Miss Selfridge Petite



I stopped using Asos years ago – after the disappointment of poor quality merchandise just got too much… but maybe they have upped their game? If so, they have quite a large petite range.

Asos Petite

Asos Petite


Marks and Spencer

I’m constantly drawn to the clothes at Marks and Spencer for one reason above all else…. quality. At this price point I don’t believe you will find better quality than M&S and in the last few years the designs available for a younger crowd are really growing. One downside… you may find yourself wearing the same top as your best friend’s mum… yes she is stylish, yes you are stylish… but is this a situation you want to face too frequently? Great fit and great cuts in the petite range.

Marks and Spencer Petite

Marks and Spencer Petite

Beyond the High Street

The clear downside to being petite is the lack of high quality designer petite ranges – or unique, cool designer pieces – one offs – never to be found in petite (small yes, but not with petite proportions). I love to shop in the young designers section at Bloomingdales, but often regret my purchase when I’m fighting to hide my bra as the shirt is cut too low for me…

Although still high street – ish, Whistles apparently has a good range of petite pieces and at the top end of the market, with the likes of Ralph Lauren and lines targeted at a more mature woman, you are sure to find something to fit… but I’m spotting a gap…

If you know of any fashion conscious cool petite ranges – please comment to share with the little people!


K x